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Graphic tees are one of those items which are in quite a controversial position in the fashion world. Some stylists avoid them like the plague, while others work them into their looks in a unique manner. Many of the former commonly believe that no adult male should be wearing these graphic tees. They state that these should be left for teenagers and for people who are trying too hard, especially in the case of tees with logos on them. However, people are now incorporating them into their outfits in an understated and classy manner.

So, if you want to wear graphic tees, don’t be afraid! If you style them correctly, you can elevate them into an excellent fashion statement. Of course, this does not mean that you just throw on a pair of khaki pants and call it a day. You need to consciously think about your outfit’s elements and whether they complement your graphic tee properly. To that end, you should follow a few styling tips to make sure you look fashionable in your graphic tee.

Choose The Right Fit

As with most clothes, you need to make sure your tee fits properly. Do not go for something that’s too tight or too baggy. A general rule of thumb for a good t-shirt fit is that you should be able to pinch it 1 or 2 inches away from your body.

The fit should be slightly contoured, so that your overall look is less casual and seems well-planned. Furthermore, this will also let you add more elements to bring your whole look together.

Pick A Neutral Base Color

A great way to elevate your graphic tee outfit is by choosing neutral base colors. Black and white are the best options, as they give a polished look, and you can do a lot more with the rest of your outfit. Avoid overly busy colors, especially tie-dye, as they will make your outfit look too busy before you can even add more elements to it.

Furthermore, white or black also instantly make your outfit look classier. Therefore, you should try to choose graphic tees which have either of the two colors as their base. The design’s colors on top are secondary, so you can play around more with them.

Layer It Up

The best way to turn your graphic tee outfit from your everyday look to a street style statement is to add a layer or two. Wear a nice blazer over your t-shirt, and that can instantly elevate your look.

You can do this in any season and can make your top layer as casual or formal as you want. Therefore, choose a nice jacket or cardigan over your graphic tee and create an outfit that makes a statement.

Match Your Accessories

This is where your styling abilities need to really kick in. Your accessories can take a graphic tee outfit from juvenile to dinner party-worthy. The key is to choose one of the central colors in your tee’s design, and match your accessories accordingly.

For example, if you’re wearing a graphic tee with a Hokusai wave on it, you can add a band with a blue strap or go for blue socks or other such accents. This will make your outfit look planned and put together.

Wear The Right Footwear

Pairing a graphic tee with the right shoes can make all the difference. Generally, a nice simple sneaker really complements the whole look. However, if you want to elevate the outfit for a less casual situation, you can even wear it with a suit. You just need to choose the right graphic tee and complementary accessories.

Therefore, you can even pair your graphic tees with Chelsea boots or less formal dress shoes. This will uplift your look from street style to something more. 

Choose The Design Wisely

Avoid logos and sequins in your graphic tees. The best bet is abstract designs or iconic graphics. Do not use overused graphics, and go for something unique. When choosing graphic tees with text designs, make sure the font isn’t too kitsch and that the message is something you wish to convey.

To sum up, graphic tees can make grown-up outfits look quite put together. You just have to know how to style them properly and pick the right accent pieces to go with them.


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