What is HR Automation Software? Does it Reduce Regular HR Interruption?

HR automation Software

What is HR automation?

HR automation Software or Human Resource automation uses software to digitize and automate regular repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It involves employees onboarding/offboarding, payroll management, time-tracking, attendance trail, leave management, work history, and many more features. Organizations can reduce the cost and time they spend on manual HR planning and processing.

Now the question is does it reduce regular HR interruption? If yes, how?

Let’s take an in-depth look at it. ­

  • Employee onboarding/offboarding
  • Payroll management
  • Time-tracking
  • Attendance trail
  • Leave management & work history

Employee onboarding/offboarding

Employee onboarding/offboarding comes under regular tasks for HR managers. To retain an employee effectively; the organization must deliver an onboarding program that prepares the new hire for success in their role and connects them with vital resources within the company.

An HR automation software takes care of both the onboarding and offboarding process with proper tools and techniques. The easy and structured onboarding process helps the organization to work smoothly and hassle-free.

Offboarding is exit management which is largely an administrative process. When an employee leaves their job, the HR automation software manages the appropriate and effective steps to recover company credentials, removes access to the organization’s systems, and ensures that the employee’s final payment is processed fairly and properly.

Payroll management

When it comes to paying employees, some businesses struggle to process their payroll in time. Payroll is often a complex task pushed aside until necessary, but this can lead to complications when holidays and other events pop up, throwing off your schedule even more and preventing checks from getting cut when they’re supposed to. This leads to unhappy employees and potential legal trouble.

This can be avoided by having an automated payroll software or automated system that can manage absence, overtime, ineffective time records, and irregular payroll processing.


A time-tracking tool is like an asset. It is available in HR automation software. You can monitor the working activity of employees and check for profitability. A time-tracking tool will also improve the time management system. Every individual of the company will be monitored thoroughly that will improve the skill and activity of employees. These small things have a huge impact, and it helps in organization’s business growth as well.

Attendance trail

In HR automation software, you can track the attendance of your employees. Late arrivals and early outings can also be checked. It contains a list of employee clocks IN/OUT. You can generate requests to update work hours. Event notifications can be approved/checked. It eases the process.

Leave management & work history

HR automation software gives a clear idea about upcoming vacations, leaves and thus, it can be managed accordingly. It gives a set of modules for leave application and approval.

The bottom line!

The above-mentioned points are some of the top features that HR automation software provides. It is managed in such a way that the work efficiency never reduces followed by a high-end performance of employees.

There are plenty of software available in the market which provides a smooth and stunning system that manages all the HR tasks for all your organizational activities. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is one of the leading software that provides almost every HR feature that boosts your organization’s value and increases revenue.

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HR automation software

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