Hurricane Shutters: Types, Pros, and Cons

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters are among the most used and highly trusted solutions against Hurricanes and harsh storms. The most economical of the Hurricane solutions, Hurricane Shutters are used by over 80% of households to protect their windows and doors against the severe effects of the harsh winds.

Even when there are many options available to protect against Hurricanes, the Hurricane Shutters still manage to be the most popular choice in the hurricane-affected areas.

So, if you are thinking of installing shutters at your home or business, you should check these options of Hurricane Shutters defined categorically with the pros and cons of each.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters 

The Storm Panel Shutters are made of Steel and Aluminum and are fixed to the walls around the openings of windows or doors with bolts or tracks. These panels are corrugated with each pane overlapping the other to pucker the most strength. 

Of the different ways these shutters are mounted, you have them with both tracks and bolts. Here, you will see the top end of the panel entering into the track. While the bottom end of the panel is fixed permanently with the bolts underneath the window.

Another mounting style comes with a set of C-shaped tracks that are placed overhead and beneath the windows. To be skated across manually setting the positions of the bolts mounted on the panel to get along with the corresponding holes on the other side.

Another commonly used mounting method is known as direct mounting. Bolts are fixed on the walls which are aligned with the holes in the shutter. These bolts are then fitted with washers and are thighten to secure the shutter to the wall around the window or door being protected. 

Pros of Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters 

  • These are the most cost-effective of the permanent Hurricane Shutter systems.
  • You can remove these without affecting the look of the place as these are completely detachable.
  • Provide strong protection for doors and windows of all sizes and types. 

Cons of Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters 

  • Require some storage space.
  • It’s a bit bulky and takes some effort to be moved.
  • The built is somewhat cumbersome. Don’t get in properly sometimes. 
  • Have sharp edges.
  • Standard preparation time: 15-20 minutes per window

Accordion hurricane shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are built with extruded aluminum panels and are available in heavy-gauge high-strength formations of one-piece or two-piece closures. These are called Accordion shutters as they unfold accordion-style (the yesteryear’s musical instrument) to protect  you from the storm. These are built with a heavy track system that offers improved strength and sturdiness. 1-Step locking systems make these heavy-duty shutters much easier and faster to open and close. These are a permanent solution that doesn’t need to be fixed and uninstalled recurrently. 

Pros of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

  • Built with thicker extruded Aluminum these are extremely strong and durable shutters.
  • Permanently fixed. No need for any storage space.
  • It can be storm-prepared easily by a single person.
  • Locking option is available to keep your protected against theft or intrusion.

Cons of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

  • Quite bulky in appearance.
  • It is more prone to be broken as it glides on wheels. 
  • Aesthetics might be out-of-place. Consider checking out designs before installing.
  • Standard preparation time: 2-4 minutes per window

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial shutters offer a double-sided louvered covering. These are attached to both sides of a window at the back of the wall. Fixed permanently on the openings, these can be hinged on either side and called back together for protection. These are pleasing in terms of design and can go well with classic as well as contemporary style building architectures.

Pros of Colonial Hurricane Shutters

  • No storage space needed. These are permanently fixed to the walls beside the windows.
  • Quick and easy to act against storms. Can be easily operated by one person.
  • Offer attractive design options that look great on vents 

Cons of Colonial Hurricane Shutters

  • Colonial Shutters are high on cost.
  • Some of these shutters require center rod for installation which may increase the setting-up time.
  • Not functionally relevant with doors. So, you need to depend on other options for complete house protection.
  • Standard preparation time: 45 minutes to an hour for an entire house

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama shutters are a tropical island favorite. These offer great storm protection with robust designs that have characteristic 45-degree angle see-through slats mounted horizontally with perforated aluminum backing. These are being engineered to serve most stringent wind codes and are accepted by Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, and the International Building Code. 

Pros of Bahama Hurricane Shutters

  • No need for any extra storage as they are fixed permanently to the vents.
  • Can be operated to get ready by a single person. 
  • You get the needed shade and privacy even when it is open.

Cons of Bahama Hurricane Shutters

  • Considered weaker than other systems.
  • Light-blocking is a common issue faced by many people. 
  • Can’t be applicable for door protection because of the design limitations.
  • Standard preparation time: 15-30 minutes for an entire house

Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

As the name suggests, Roll-down shutters are attached to the top of the window opening. When not used, these store away in the mounted box attached permanently at the topside of the vents (from where they fall back in place to offer the protection), therefore saving a lot of space as well as time for reinstallation. These can be operated manually by crank or automatically by an electronic button. These shutters are generally made of polycarbonate or high-quality metal and are highly impact-resistant.

Pros of Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

  • These are permanently affixed above the vents. So, you don’t need to provide any storage space.
  • Can easily be put into a storm-ready position single-handedly.
  • A great way to add to the protection against theft and intrusion.

Cons of Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

  • Roll-down shutters involve higher costs as compared to other systems.
  • Push-button roll-downs need battery backup and are dependent upon the power conditions of a place.
  • It needs a bit of labor to get removed and post-removal the opening needs some work.
  • Standard preparation time: Minimum, it’s the easiest shutter to install.

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