How to Start IAS Exam Preparation Online in Lockdown Time

IAS exam preparation

As we all know everyone is stuck at home for this COVID-19 outbreak. And students are also studying from home through various online platforms. This is a very tough situation but we all need to do as much we can. IAS is one of the toughest examinations in India. If you want to crack it, studying from home then also you will need a strong preparation. You can take help from various online tutorials and books. There has a lot of tutorials on Youtube. If you need any help or assistance then you can take help from many online open forums.

Here are the basic rules for preparing yourself online for the IAS examination at home due to this lockdown period.

Set a goal.

Every student should have a goal for making anything successful. If you set a goal according to a proper timetable with the help of an online excel sheet then it’s easy for you to achieve anything step by step. Parents should also encourage this process. So write a goal for studying the whole syllabus of the IAS examination. Place a timetable close to your eyes like on the desktop screen. Set the time for studying as well as various activities so that you can never feel bored.

Proper Internet Connection.

Make sure your internet connection is good enough as you can’t go out of your home. So you will have to be connected to online classes through an internet connection. There are various Youtube videos over the internet you can search for. You can study from these videos. Or if you want to join any institute but you are unable to go for the coaching classes, there has an option of online live classes where you can study from your home. So in this lockdown time period, these are the very useful option to study from home.

Self Scrutiny.

Self-scrutiny is the best way to correct Yourself, This is the process where you can take your own exam and correct your mistakes too. You can give many online free mock tests from different websites. Here you will have to give your test and you will have to check your paper by yourself and try to correct your mistakes. But be honest to yourself first. This is the easiest and unique way to prepare yourself at home.

Read Books and Newspapers.

NCERT books are very helpful for IAS examination and these are available online easily. You can gain knowledge from these books for the IAS examination. Make a schedule to read NCERT and many reference books. And in the IAS examination, there has a section on current affairs. Reading online newspapers regularly is very important to score full marks for this section. This will keep you updated also. Vajirao Institute is best IAS coaching in Delhi that guides you on current affairs from time to time.

Develop Your Personality.

This is a very crucial step for the IAS exam. You should participate in any online debate with your friends or seniors through video calls to clear out your points. You can speak in front of your mirror. These are the most useful way to develop your personality and you should start this from day one.

These are basic rules you will have to follow for preparing yourself online for the IAS examination during this COVID-19 lockdown period.


IAS exam preparation

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