Five Most Important Facts That You Should Know About Homeopathy (2020)


Homeopathic medicine is fast becoming popular among the masses with a long history of the treatment of humanity. This holistic approach has so many followers, primarily because it works well but gently to help patients get rid of their illness without having any unnecessary adverse effects. However, there are still many loopholes that remain unanswered with the actual method of homeopathic treatment, and to help you cope with the same, let’s discover some of the important facts one should know about homeopathy. 

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on natural laws. This means it does not suppress your symptoms. It helps your body achieve what it is trying to do. It works in the same direction as your body.

Homeopathic treatment treats the whole of you, not just the parts. When you become unhealthy or suffer from a health problem, it means that your immune system cannot work at its optimum levels. This intangible part of you is responsible for preventing disease and for the rapid healing of any health problem that can’t be prevented, such as an accident.

Major Facts about Homeopathy


Fact 1: A Natural Method of Treatment

The entire foundation of Homeopathy is based on the Natural system of ‘heal and cure’. The remedies that come under its wings are all composed of natural ingredients in a very diluted ratio which makes them biochemically inert. Every homeopathic remedy available is made using one or the other substance of the plant parts.

Our natives have always preferred natural ways of healing rather than artificial ones. Due to the supreme contribution of these remedies to improving health, Homeopathic treatment gained trust and popularity in today’s ever-evolving world. Although the entire system has been stagnant over the years without any modifications or development unlike other esteemed forms of treatments, Homeopathy still proves to be the best when it comes to ‘heal and cure’.

Quick Wrap

  • Completely Natural
  • Biochemically Inert

Fact 2: Safe with Zero Side Effects

Homeopathic remedies are safe to be taken at home. The fact that they are highly diluted makes them unable to cause any adverse effects on the body. These remedies are diluted to the fact that only a negligible amount of molecules are present in the remedy which makes them inactive against any adverse effects. The best part is that even a certain level of missed dosage will not interfere in the treatment of your disease (although it is always advised to have your doses regularly on time).

Apart from this, Homeopathic remedies ensure zero toxic effects on the body. Over intake will never lead to an exaggeration of effects leading to something serious. Unlike, other artificial medicines, none of the Homeopathic remedies are addictive which adds a feather to the cap of the treatment. 

These remedies do not come with any contraindications which makes them widely suitable for a major section of people. Moreover, these remedies are not known to cause any interactions with conventional medicines or any other herbal remedies. There are no effects like drowsiness or insomnia due to the intake of these remedies. 

Quick Wrap

  • Safe
  • Zero side effects
  • Nil toxic effects
  • Non-addictive
  • Absence of contraindications
  • No counter-interactions with other medicines

Fact 3: Homeopathic Treatment Offers Excellent Immunity Boosters to Fight against diseases

Another amazing reason to adapt Homeopathy in our daily walks of life is that these remedies help to boost the immunity that the body offers. Apart from healing the body with natural remedies, Homeopathic Treatment ensures build-in immunity so that the body fights the disease in its own way without the need for any artificial medicines. 

Focussed on boosting immunity, these remedies lack in masking any symptoms unlike other forms of artificial medications and it is quite advantageous because the patient gets to know the progress of his/ her treatment. A slow treatment is all the way better than a disillusion of sudden symptom disappearance.

Moreover, another specialty of Homeopathic Treatment is its ability to cure the cause of the source of its origin. Although it takes a prolonged time to ensure complete healing of the disease, the time is worth the cause. People adhering to this natural method of treatment should be patient in their endeavors to get the best results.

Quick Wrap

  • Boosts immunity
  • Does not mask symptoms
  • Heals from the core cause

Fact 4: Homeopathic Treatment Is Affordable

Homeopathy is the most affordable yet successful form of medication. They are much cheaper as compared to any other form of treatment. People in need of Pharmacological treatment go for Homeopathic remedies at a less-expensive cost but are equally benefitted from it.

Many people question the effectiveness of these remedies judging them solely on the price tag but the base reason for this low cost is highly diluted medications. Dependent on Mother Nature, this method abstains from the use of advanced technology in developing these remedies which cut down the cost. Being a cost-effective and efficient method of treatment, Homeopathy has gained popularity and is widely accepted by people from all over the place. 

Quick Wrap

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly diluted remedies

Fact 5: Diverse Remedies Experimented And Brought To Reality

Homeopathy is the home to approximately four thousand remedies. Almost all non-surgical diseases can be cured through the use of remedies prescribed by Homeopathic Doctors. From chronic illness like arthritis and gout to minor body aches or even digestive disorders, Homeopathic Treatment is the best solution to any problem. Apart from these physical ailments, Homeopathy also helps in improving the mental health of a person. Whether it is a severe form of depression or panic attacks, there is a diverse range of remedies to cure them all. 

Although there are few Homeopathic hospitals across the country, this method of treatment stands on the podium of popularity. A major reason for this is that the remedies are easy to administer. Most of them are prescribed through the oral route, to be taken at flexible timings (which is easy for the aged and uneducated section of the society). Directions of usage and storage instructions are also simple to adhere to. 

Every patient is different and every problem of theirs is unique. So, numerous experiments have been performed in laboratories to develop a diverse range of remedies to meet the needs of people. 

Quick Wrap

  • A wide variety of remedies are available
  • The route of medication is mostly oral
  • Easy to understand directions of use

Wrapping it up!

Now that you know all the facts regarding this ancient form of Homeopathic Treatment, you are wise enough to decide on adopting this practice in your daily walks of life. Homeopathy is a completely safe and purely natural method of treatment that assures zero side effects or toxic effects. 

Conclusively, these remedies are there to push you to the right side of the neutral point in the Health Illness Continuum (a graphical representation of the wellness quotient of a body) proposed by John Travis, to obtain fitness to the maximum level possible. Be it boosting immunity or treating any chronic case, Homeopathy works wonders if taken regularly on a prolonged basis. 

An ancient form of treatment, Homeopathy has crept into the life of a major section of people over the years. Mother Nature has blessed Homeopathy with the supreme power to heal and cure diseases of the core. The use of highly diluted natural ingredients has made Homeopathic Treatmentmore reliable, cheap, and trustworthy.



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