How To Increase The Life Of Your Exhibition Stand Graphics? 


It is an undeniable fact that your potential customers will take a few seconds to decide whether they should enter your stand or not. You may be searching for different ideas to make your exhibition stand attractive to your potential customers. But, the right way to do is to design an eye-catching exhibition stand.

The rigid graphic display panels are one of the highest impact components in your booth and can easily increase the foot traffics in your booth. Good graphic designs are one of the best ways to make your booth look presentable.

You should display your graphics in the right way to leave the good impression of your brand on the trade show attendees. It is guaranteed that your trade booth graphics are going to create a buzz and represent the individuality of your booth. 

The information conveyed through your graphics will trigger the curiosity of trade show people and they cannot resist themselves to enter your booth.

Thus, it does not make any sense to invest in poor quality trade booths graphic display. To design the exhibition graphic design you can take the help of a designer. But, here good quality not just about the good design. It also includes good material on which your design will be printed. You can use the graphics again in your next expo. But, it is important to handle them with care.

The proper care & maintenance will not just increase the lifespan of your graphic display but also return good value for your investment. In short, if you take care of your graphic display, then they will take care of you.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you to take care of your graphics so that they can stay with you for long:

Carefully Role Them

You should always roll the flexible graphic panels in an outward direction. But, why should you do that? If you are rolling up your graphic display panel a various number of times, then the panel will create a memory. When you paste the graphic panel on your exhibition stand frame, then it will not fall. 

But, if we roll the exhibition graphic panels to inward direction, then it will force itself in the forwarding direction. Thus, there are chances that graphic panels will fall down. The graphic panel should be rolled properly so that it can be used again and again.  

Prevent It from Footprints

You should directly place your graphic display panel directly into its stand frame. You should not place the graphic panels anywhere because anybody can walk on them and leave their footprints. Never place them on a dirty floor and always prevent them from getting damaged.  

Pack It Carefully

When you want to pack your graphic panels, then you should roll every panel separately. After that, you should place them inside one another so that they cracks or lines do not appear on them. 

You should quickly roll them and pack them in the provided storage system. Avoid rolling all of them together because you may not find them in the same position again. 

Orderly Take Out Graphic Panels

You should reverse the order when you are taking out the graphic panels from the storage system. You need to precisely follow the reversing order. If you follow this specific order, then you can easily use your graphics again and again. If you pack them in proper order, then you will expand the lifespan of the graphic panels. 

Maintain Clean Graphics

It sounds obvious, but most exhibitors ignore this thing. Preventing graphics from dust and environmental factors may not an easy task. You should invest in laminated exhibition stand graphic design so that you need to put less effort. You can easily wipe away dust from the laminated graphic panels. You just need a clean cloth to remove the accumulated dust over the graphic panel. 

Label Your Graphic Storage Cases

You can place different graphic panels in different cases and label them. It will help you to easily find the required one. This way you can reduce the wear & tear by taking out only required panels. Labeling is a time saver and prevents increase durability of graphic panels. Therefore, you should do it to prevent your graphic panels. This is one of the most simple and seamless methods to keep your graphics safe. 

Final Words

Graphics are the most important part of your trade booth. You can reuse them in different trade shows if you store them appropriately. This will reduce expenditure and reduce waste as well. That means reusing graphics panels will help you to reduce your carbon footprints.



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