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What pops in your mind when someone asks you to drive carefully? Seatbelt? Good brakes? How much thought you actually put into having good tyres when someone tells you to drive safely.

Tyres are undoubtedly the most ignored element in your racing machine. Do you realise it is the only element in the vehicle that actually touches the ground?

When the tread of the tyre starts to get eroded through constant friction, it becomes tough for the tyre to grip the ground. When the gripping power of the rubber is weak, it takes more time for your car to stop. Posing a threat to your safety and the maintenance of your vehicle, the chances of hydroplaning and accident also grow.

Tyres hold significant importance when it comes to maintaining standards and assuring the safety of your family.

The right pair of tyres will not only have longevity but it will also suit your needs the correct way. There are a few things you must know about tyres. Such as. when you need to invest in new tyres and what things you should consider when buying a set of tyres.

So, let’s discuss a few things that are important in doing the above:

Age of the tyres

The tyres of your car wear out as you drive through different terrains. The rate of wearing out depends on numerous factors including

  • Your style of driving
  • The quality of your tyres
  • The weight of the vehicle
  • Types of surfaces you usually drive on
  • The type of tyre you have
  • Weather conditions in your city

There is a time when tyres need to be changed even if you are not using them. Let’s say, for instance, you own a pair of spare tyres that have not been used. They were just left in your garage. After 7- 8 years, you realise that the tread of your current tyres is getting flat so you decide to replace them.

For obvious reasons, it makes sense to replace them with a pair of spare tyres that you already own since they are unused and must be in good condition. But this may not be true when it comes to tyres. 

Tyres, even if left unused, get redundant after a certain time. Some experts believe their duration of usage is 7 years, while some automobile enthusiasts think it is okay to use a pair of tyres for 10 years. 

We recommend you to not use a pair of tyres for more than 7 years.

You can check the manufacturing date on the tyre that is written as a 4 digit number which indicates the month and the year of manufacturing. When you go to a shop to buy tyres, don’t forget to see the date written on it.

Get familiar with types of tyres and their usage

Specialised to perform in different weather conditions and terrains, tyres come in various sizes. Here are some popular types of tyres that can suit your needs:

  • All-season Car tyres
  • Performance all-season car tyres
  • Ultra-high-performance car tyres
  • All-season truck tyres
  • All-season SUV tyres
  • All-terrain truck tyres
  • Winter/snow tyres
  • Performance winter/snow tyres
  • Truck winter/snow tyres

The tyre warranty

Tyres are not just the most overlooked part of the car, they are also the component in the machine that has to meet our expectation. We expect the tyres to bear the weight of passengers, endure our rough handling, withstand tough terrain conditions and the most common one, last for several years.

Sometimes the rubber fails to meet our expectation and the tyres don’t last as much as we want them to be. In such a case, there is a chance that you tyre manufacturers have got you covered.

Here are a few warranties that are offered by tyre manufacturers:

  • Mileage warranty (treadwear warranty)
  • Limited road hazard warranty
  • Workmanship and materials warranty
  • Uniformity warranty (extreme vibrance or disturbing drive)
  • Trial periods of 30 or 45 days

Most of these warranties can be claimed within two years of the purchase.

Dunlop tyres UAE offer a wide range of good quality tyres with extensive warranty periods. Don’t forget to check out their website. 


Dunlop tyres UAE

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