10 iOS App Development Trends to Look in 2021

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Among everything around us, the tech world is the one that keeps evolving continuously. With each passing year, new innovations come to the light and revolutionize our lives in one or the other ways. Humans have come a long way from the first wheel to smart cities.

In a similar way, the evolution of the iPhone has prepared Apple for new breathtaking future iOS trends and technologies. The introduction of iOS app development trends in 2021 has made customers’ lives more comfortable and convenient. It is a proven fact that iOS mobile apps have taken center stage to foster customer loyalty and expand businesses.

The astounding success of the iOS mobile applications is not hidden from anyone. A wide range of factors is responsible for the victory of iOS applications. Hiring a dedicated offshore development team with unique features to great performance are the key factors that contributed to the shining success of iOS apps.

Let us take a look at the significant 12 iOS app development trends to look at in 2021.

1. Mobile App Security

One of the inevitable concerns of the programming industry has always been mobile information security. Security threats have always prevailed in the market. Therefore, securing the iOS mobile applications will be the foremost priority of iOS developers in the coming years.

iOS mobile application effectively takes care of customers’ data by eliminating every bit of vulnerability with the latest updates. In the coming years, digital security will be the biggest concern and the majority of companies have prioritized it in their digital transformations.

Thus, iOS will keep strengthening its security features and gain customer satisfaction. iOS app development will witness enhanced security highlights in 2021.

2. Swift5 Programming

iOS applications have always been backed by Swift coding. It consists of new structures and procedures that are presented in an easy manner. As a result, iOS developers can effectively utilize Xcode apparatuses to compose solid code.

Apple released Swift5 programming with Application Binary Interface (ABI) and binary compatibility. Swift5 is compatible with Swift4, Swift4.1, Swift4.2, and X code 10.2. With the growing number of iOS users, the iOS companies will move toward adopting Swift5 Programming to get the best out of it. It will also help them lead their businesses to great heights of success.

3. Augmented Reality 

The best example of Augmented Reality is the inconceivable accomplishment of Pokemon Go in 2016. GPS was the key factor in the success of mobile applications. iOS mobile app developers will incorporate AR with GPS into their mobile applications. 

Various enterprises such as human services, retail, car, producing, and web-based businesses have adopted GPS-empowered applications. In 2021 and beyond, Augmented Reality will empower iOS mobile apps.

4. IoT 

IoT has made our day-to-day life dependent upon its applications. In the coming years, i.e., in 2021 and beyond, IoT integrated iOS mobile app developers are expected to focus more on building iOS mobile apps that will be able to connect with internet-based devices. IoT supports both users and mobile app developers to embed enhanced functionalities by developing IoT connectivity.

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud architecture will keep showing its significance even in 2021. A wide range of enterprises are on the verge of adopting cloud-based solutions. Some iOS applications have cloud databases, which ensure the security of the data.

Moreover, cloud technology is useful in storing enormous amounts of data, along with assisting to complete complex tasks. High security and cost-efficiency are its significant features.

6. iBeacon 

iBeacon is a powerful technology of Apple, and its popularity is increasing in the marketing field. As a result, it happens to be another iOS app development trend in 2021.

Wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology are collectively known as Beacon. When the connection is established, it will show a push notification on the user’s iPhone. This iOS app development trend is expected to change the retail industry and boost sales.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots have been popularly known for their do-it-yourself services. Moreover, a majority of the customers are willing to have these services for their comfort and convenience. Let us take the example of Starbucks. They have released an application known as My Starbucks Barista, through which users can inform the bot about the coffee they want, location, and other things. Thus, customers can easily visit the selected Starbucks and pick up their coffee.

8. Wearable Apps

Wearable apps are the future! The mobile industry has grown immensely with the opportunities opened by wearable iOS apps. Currently, devices such as Smartwatch, Apple Watch, and healthcare devices have led the market till now, and they will be the biggest hit in the coming years as well.

Wearable applications offer enhanced features such as notifications, display control, call management, and more.

9. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the key factor responsible for decision-making algorithms and business process automation. When you incorporate machine learning in iOS applications, it improves customer loyalty and experience, which will enhance user engagement. 

Machine learning offers a wide range of algorithms. You can leverage the most suitable algorithm as per your business requirements.

10. Mobile Wallets

One of the most prominent examples of mobile wallets is ApplePay. Moreover, it will continue to grow and allow users to utilize mobile cash more, and reduce the use of real cash. It means that ApplePay will keep providing secure monetary dealing with its users.

The demand for mobile wallets will rise with the increased usage of digital payment over cash transactions. Moreover, several brands have started to offer secure payment options to their users. Considering all these things, development work will be inevitable.

Last Words

The rise of iOS app development trends has led to an increased demand for mobile application development services. Various business industries have taken the path of success leveraging iOS mobile applications.

iOS developers need to be aware of these app development trends that will rule the market in 2021 and beyond and utilize them in the development processes. Moreover, these trends are highly expected to change the game in the tech world and will bring revolution in everyone’s lives as well. 


offshore development

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