Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp Call Recording Spy App

WhatsApp Call Recording

WhatsApp Call Recording is the most prevailing and appreciated instant messenger that enables us to connect with people in diverse corners of the globe. It can be used for social and work-related conversations. 

Both adults and children are hooked to it because it permits them to send messages, media, documents, locations, contacts, make audio and video calls, and much more free of cost. This social network has made regular communication very convenient. 

Due to its promptly growing demand and use, it has become mandatory to supervise and capture all the WhatsApp actions. As a parent of undeveloped offspring, you should monitor their voice and video calls using the WhatsApp call recording spy app. Spouses and business owners can also take advantage of it to listen to the calls of their partners and workers to know what they are up to.

What Is WhatsApp Call Recorder?

OgyMogy is one of the finest WhatsApp call recorders available out there. It works proficiently for both iPhone and Android devices. If you are engrossed in listening to your kid, employee, better half, or friend’s voice and video conversations in real-time, then you must grab it. 

In your absence, it records all the calls and sends them to your web portal, so you can hear them whenever you have enough time. You can obtain information about all the outgoing and received call logs or history on the targeted person’s mobile phone secretly using your control panel. 

Reasons to Use the WhatsApp Call Recorder

Safeguard Your Kids

These days, young kids install numerous apps on their devices including WhatsApp to stay in touch with others without informing their parents. They talk to their peers, relatives, and unknown people. They have irrational behavior, so they don’t give much importance to their parents’ commands on how to use the net in a safe manner. 

At a young age, it’s difficult for them to distinguish between good and evil guys. So, they believe those who are in contact with them are honest and noble individuals, but it is not the case forever.  Sometimes, criminals and predators pretend to be someone else and try to win the trust of teens with sugary talks. 

After trapping them, they get them engaged in unlawful activities such as drug and sexual abuse. By listening to their live WhatsApp calls, you can know who they are in touch with and what they discuss. If they are being mistreated or involved in a secret relationship, you can acquire information about it. 

Ensure Your Husband/Wife Is Trustworthy 

WhatsApp is crafted to be private, so deceivers take advantage of it to make free audio and video calls. If your spouse is behaving deviously, ignoring you, spend most of his/her time on WhatsApp, or coming home late, then maybe he/she is betraying you with someone else. 

If you will utilize the call recorder, you will be able to record and listen to his calls from a remote location to know if he is loyal to you or not. In this way, you can dispose of the uncertainty, fear, and tension that you are undergoing right now. 

Protect Your Business from Potential Threats

All companies use WhatsApp for connecting with their clients, investors, customers, and employees.  If you are suspicious that someone from your corporation is dishonest and disclosing secret data to rivals or third parties, listening to their calls with WhatsApp call recorder can be a great tactic.

It can help you avert them from making private calls during working hours. You can observe how they talk to your clients and consumers. If they are making plans to damage your business secretly, you can catch and get rid of those bad apples at the right time. 

How to Use WhatsApp Call Recording Software?

First, subscribe to the tool, download it, and install it on the desired phone. Now, use credentials provided by the app creators to access your control panel and activate the WhatsApp call recorder. Once you activate it, it will begin recording live calls and upload them to your web portal. 


There are plenty of WhatsApp call recorders available on the web, but most of them are compatible with Android devices only. If you want to record and hear WhatsApp calls for both iPhone and android, the feasible option is to use OgyMogy WhatsApp call recording spy app.

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