Top Tips To Make Your Internet Connection Secure From Hacker

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In today’s world, when the online world is almost like an alternate world for all of us. Just like we lock our homes, cars, and money to keep them safe from the goons. Unethical hackers can be considered the “goons” of the internet(our alternate world). While we might just be sipping our teas in the real world, someone might be spilling the tea in the online world. Both of our worlds are almost intertwined now. So, it is really important to put a lock or a fence in our online world too. Once these goons get a hold of our online world, it’s quite difficult to identify them. As they say-“Prevention is better than cure.” So, below are some top tips to make your internet more secure. 

1. Passwords-“The Key Of Our Internet World” 

As we use different keys for our houses, cars, offices, etc. So even if one of our keys is stolen or lost, our other possessions can be safe. Just like that, different passwords should be used for different accounts. Even if the hacker ends up hacking one of our accounts, our other accounts could be safe. This way, we can save ourselves from potentially losing all of our data. Try updating them from time to time. It minimizes the threat level. 

2. Firewall-“The Fence Of The Internet World” 

What’s a better way to keep our house guarded than putting a high fence around it? I can’t think of any. The firewall is like that fence only. It has been used for over 25 years now as the first line of defense. Firewalls are systems that protect networks or network devices, such as industrial PCs, control systems, cameras, etc., from unauthorized access by preventing network traffic to or from these systems.  

3. “Reliable” Antivirus Software

There are plenty of antivirus softwares in the market, but we can’t trust them all. We just have to be vigilant while choosing it. If we consider Firewall as the fence, antivirus softwares can be that anti-climbing paint we put above it (for extra protection, you know). 

4. Clicking On A Suspicious Link/Attachment-“A Big No-No” 

Like we don’t invite any random person to our house(especially a suspicious one, lmao), we should also be thinking twice before clicking a link. Luring is one of the common tactics used by hackers to enter into our Internet world. One should beware of the flashy messages promising an iPhone or a million dollars.  

5. Public WI-FI’s –“Be Careful About It” 

Try not to use public wi-fi as it is like an open invitation-“OH, COME ON. HACK ME.” Everything we do while being connected can be spied on. The best way is not to use it at all. Only use well-known reputable Wi-Fi hotspots.  


Use the auto-update feature to be in touch with the latest advancements of the technical world. This will minimize our chances of being fooled. 

  • Don’t use easily guessed emails like Use a combination of letters and numbers, too, to make it safer. 
  • Update its password regularly. 
  • Use different emails for all aspects of your Internet life. 
  • Always use two-step verification
  • Take a look at your location of the last login every once in a while to prevent any rogue usage. 
  • Enable login alerts to get notifications if someone else logs into your account. 
  • Be careful about sharing your email account details with other sites. 

Always unlock your phone using a unique gesture like a fingerprint or a secure pin. 

Install features like “Find my Device.” These kinds of features make it easier for us to find our lost devices, therefore minimizing the chances of our data being leaked. 

Know how to wipe the data of your device once it’s lost. Also, knowing more about the router you are using can go a long way in providing you with a secure connection. Click here to read more.


Backing up data is one of the most sensible things to do in the online world. One should get into the habit of doing it routinely. Some of the options available are- 

  • USB stick 
  • External hard drive 
  • Network-attached storage 
  • Cloud storage 

Even after using a heck lot of precautionary measures, one can still end up falling prey to cyber scams. If someone does that, they should directly report it to the cyber police. Always remember protecting your alternate online world is equally important. 

Try not to be that engrossed in the online world so that it ends up affecting your real life. Try to find the balance between the two. Balance in a way that both of our worlds can be secured.  


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