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Men's Jewellery

For ages, men have been styling their attires with accessories like rings, bracelets, chains, ear studs, small hoops etc. A lot of people have this convention associated with men’s jewellery that doesn’t suit a straight guy. Our society seems progressive, but it still lacks fundamental gender equality. The orthodox people still have this notion in their heads and they continue to associate jewellery with gender. 

Centuries ago, men and women both elevated their looks with specially curated jewellery for both genders. However, the jewellery fashion trends for men has now started breaking the stereotypes and getting popular among the young generation. These new kids don’t bother about conventional beliefs and love to experiment with their looks.

Men’s jewellery has come a long way now and has established a big successful market. The most popular jewellery items are wedding and engagement bands or rings. After these, men’s bracelets, studs, cufflinks, pendants and chains have made quite a buzz around. So let’s get to the most popular men’s jewellery that you must add to the cart this year.

Gemstone Crystal Pendant:

Crystal pendants look perfectly awesome with your casual outfits. These crystals are believed to have some healing powers too. These crystals align with your body’s energy and your chakras. They have the power to promote your physical, emotional and spiritual healing process. These gemstone crystals work as a perfect remedy for stress relief, reiki healing, and improved concentration. Different gemstones work differently on every person’s body. You have to do deep research on the gemstone and its benefits before purchasing any of these crystal pendants.

Men’s Gold Wedding Bands:

Gold jewellery is a standard metal for any gender. As for now, gold wedding bands are the best seller jewellery item for men. Gold wedding bands are not confined to just a simple metal band. Modern Men’s Jewellery designers have come up with plenty of artistic gold wedding bands for men now. Dual-tone wedding bands, diamond-embellished gold wedding or engagement bands, chain link wedding bands. All these bands are available in different widths and karats. To your surprise, coloured gemstone rings for men have been introduced. These rings are also gaining popularity slowly and steadily.

Sterling Silver Square Cufflinks:

Sterling silver Men’s Jewellery is not new for men. There is a long-backed history associated with sterling silver. In the ancient period, upper-class people used silver for decorative pieces, utensils, crockery, and many other daily purpose items. With the evolution in men’s clothing, cufflinks were introduced to hold the cuffs of the shirts together. For higher class men these cuffs were specially curated in precious metals like gold, silver, and white gold. With the introduction of the button in clothing, cufflinks became just an accessory for men. However, the trends managed to survive through all these years. Sterling silver engraved cufflinks have always been in trend. These are essential jewellery staples for men. Cufflinks make your formals look classy and royal. The internet is flooded with impeccable designs in sterling silver. You can now get them customised just for you or your special ones.

Sterling Silver Black Spinel Ring:

Yet another remarkable Men’s Jewellery item for men in 2022. If you are looking for some kind of jewellery that helps you spiritually and control your emotions and chakras, Black spinel rings are the correct find for you. This rare gemstone repels negativity and keeps you grounded. Black spinel rings loom fabulous in sterling silver. The combination of black and white looks ultra-gorgeous together. This can be considered a gift for a friend you are concerned about. This gemstone works for lowering your anxiety and controlling the hormones responsible for stress and depression.

Pearl Cuban Link Bracelet:

Gone are the days when pearls were just curated for women. The Cuban link pearl bracelet is one such example of outstanding Men’s Jewellery design for men. The pearls add calm and class to it. These brackets add elegance to your casual look. The Cuban link chain in stainless steel, platinum or silver all depends on your pocket. You can get the pearls curated in half chain link along with pearls or look for a variety of options for this extraordinary jewellery for men. 

Chain Link Necklace:

For that rowdy look, you can always look out for chain-link necklaces. Chain link necklaces got into a trend among rappers and pop stars. Their fans followed the trend and chain links became a style statement among men. Chunky chain links have been in trend for a long time now. You can also choose the minimalist chain links for a more subtle appearance. Chain links necklaces are available in gold, silver, platinum, rose gold and dual-tone metals also. 

Opalescence Brooch:

Brooches are not a common accessory among men, thus it makes a special gift idea for men. If you are looking for some rare jewellery for him, brooches can work for you. The opalescence brooch looks undoubtedly regal. This brooch alone is enough to catch your eyeballs for you. You can also look for unending brooch options online. Brooches however are not a frequently worn jewellery item, yet it deserves to be in men’s essential Men’s Jewellery in 2022.

Silver Hoop and Stud Earrings:

Stud earrings and hoops originated from Africa. These round-shaped earrings are loved all around the world by all genders. Silver studs and hoop earrings are never out of trend. These add a funky loom to your overall personality. You can always rely on these for elevating your look. These are a must-have for men who love to collect Men’s Jewellery.

Braided Leather Cord Bracelet:

Braided leather bracelets are fairly popular among the riders, pop music lovers, bohemians and hippies. These are just stereotyped for a limited community. However, these bracelets look outstanding with formals too. You can skip your watch for more variety. These bracelets add an essence of rawness and boldness to your appearance. 

Baguette Wrist Watch:

And the last one is probably the most important Men’s Jewellery accessory. Yes! It’s a wristwatch. If you have a good budget then you must invest in a luxury wristwatch. These diamonds or rare stones embellished watches mostly in gold, platinum and silver talk a lot about your standards before you speak. All you need is to decide on a brand and you are all set to slay.


What are the 5 top brand choices for men’s jewellery?

1) Cartier’s, 2) Van Cleef and Arpels, 3) Bvlgari, 4) Tiffany & co. 5) Harry Winston.

What are the jewellery options for men?

1) Rings, 2) Bracelets, 3) Weddings and engagement bands, 4) Cufflinks, 5) Watch, 6) Stud earrings.

Is a necklace option for men’s jewellery?

Necklaces have always been a men’s’ jewellery essential for centuries now. With the modernisation in manufacturing and processing techniques, the designs and jewellery may have evolved but the necklaces are still in trend for men. Gold, silver, and platinum neck chains are some of the most popular necklace options for men.


Men's Jewellery

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