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multiple meetings

Every day in the life of a corporate employee, be it a manager or an executive, seems full of hassle. Sometimes, you are arranging a meeting or at times, you are a part of one. Do you think, all these meetings in some way or the other affect your work productivity? You must be tired of these multiple meetings! We have a solution that could help you. But, before we try to get to the solution, let’s find out more about multiple meetings.

What are multiple meetings?

As the word suggests, multiple meetings mean doing a lot of meetings to get the work done. It is mostly found in companies that don’t have their own structured and organized software platform to manage employees.

A meeting gives a platform to communicate with your team members. It also, lay a foreground to present the updates and ongoing activities in the company. Depending upon the individual hosting it, and the members attending it, the meeting agenda could change respectively.

So, What Is The Solution?

Automated software is your one-stop solution for managing a business. It manages the business more efficiently with just a single dashboard that shows actionable insights right by your side.

Let’s discuss some features that avoid multiple meetings.



Project Management System or PMS is a software that manages the project and checks for performance as well. It automates & streamlines all the daily tasks and improves efficiency. You can create projects and assign tasks to individuals without any meeting. That’s the most powerful feature of PMS.

For example: Suppose you have a large project and one of your employees is not available for 2-3 days in the middle of the project. Then what the project manager will do is, just assign the task to another employee in the project group with just one click in PMS. That’s it. No meetings are required.

PMS offers a discussion to manage project data. A Discussion helps to define and manage project scope, functional workflow and keep all important details within the project. It can be shared with the project members to keep everyone on the same page.

Following are some of the features of PMS:

  • Project Dashboard
  • Kanban View
  • Project Timesheet
  • My worklist
  • Task Timer Widget
  • List View
  • Discussion
  • Task/Subtask
  • Add/Remove member
  • Email & Push Notifications


It is a simple, speedy, and self-reliant way of enhancing team communication. CHAT not only improves the quality of communication but also makes things very clear, i.e. if you have any doubt regarding any task, message directly to your senior/project manager with just one tap. So, what’s the requirement of multiple meetings?

Let’s discuss the topmost features of CHAT:

  • Chats, Contacts, and Notifications
  • Create Channels on demand
  • DND and many more

Chats, Contacts, and Notifications

Ever wondered how much your contact list matters especially when you are a business leader?

A contact list gives you a clear idea about who are the people you are in contact with and what is the reach of your audience. In UBS, with an automatically updated contact list, you can browse through the contact details of all the members of your organization. You can communicate, share ideas, and get into a healthy discussion with CHAT.

There are some features like you can check how many pending messages you have, add persons or channels as favorites if you are in daily contact, sort and search through contact names.

Notification – It offers real-time updates and notifications for a task being done. In the notification panel, you can view all the activities related to reactions or mentions. It makes you stay on top of every conversation and discussion.

Create channels on demand

Private or public channels can be created in UBS to enhance communication and chatting. It is a requirement when 2-3 people don’t know each other and suddenly a project is assigned, then creating a private or public channel can make things easier. Add or remove members of the channel according to the privacy status.

Browsing channels is easy. For example, suppose you are a Nodejs developer and you are searching for some methods or tools, you can browse all the Node Js channels available in the organization and ask for the required tool. It enhances the performance as you don’t have to go through lots of different web pages explaining so many complex things.

Some features that make UBS more efficient are:

Self-chat: Works like your own diary. Save your ideas and thoughts.

Mute notification: Ignore unwanted notifications. Get notified when you are mentioned.

@Mentions: Easy way to find individuals through mentions. One-click to connect with the mentioned member.

Bulk mark as read: An option to mark and read all the pending messages.

#Channels: Lost in hundreds of channels? Put a ‘Hashtag’ or ‘#’ in the search bar and you will see all the lists of channels you have in your company.

The main reason why multiple meetings will be avoided in UBS is because of PMS and CHAT. When you can assign project tasks in PMS and discuss all the project-related problems with your team members in the channel, why would you need meetings? Instead, save your time and use it in productive activities.

Wrapping Up!

So, if you have so many features in just one app, why would you arrange multiple meetings?

UBS-CHAT & UBS-PMS handles everything in a well-mannered way. These are very responsive apps that avoid lags in receiving a message or check for the accurate time of login and logout.

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