Top 10 Necklace and Pendants Styles to Express Yourself

Necklace and Pendants

If we make conscious choices of what to dress in, it’s also deciding how we show our image to the world. We might also choose to dress according to how we feel. Our clothes could lead us to adopt traits of the clothes we wear.

The same is true for the jewelry you pick that you may choose to feel confident as well as unique and beautiful.

A necklace with a pendant could be unique, regardless of whether you purchase the item for yourself, or get it as a present. Necklace and Pendants Cammeray were used during the Stone Age as amulets or talismans. In the present, this tradition is in place with the choice of jewelry that represents the different aspects of our identity.

We are Simone Walsh Jewellery, we’re dedicated to offering jewelry that women can adorn their bodies with. If you’re in search of Australian jewelry that has special and unique Necklace and Pendants Neutral Bay, we’ve got an entire collection to choose from.

Find out details about the top 10 necklace styles to help you convey your identity and how you feel.


Locket pendants can be as gorgeous as they are practical. No matter if you choose to include something meaningful in your locket is a great opportunity to show your personality.

We offer several styles of locks and one of them is our unique Moon & Back Locket Necklace. The design was designed to reflect the romance of the Victorian period and has stars that are etched on both sides and a sparkling moonstone that is set in an all-gold setting.

This locket is great to keep a tiny photograph of someone you are in love with on the moon!

Check out our range of open locket styles that don’t have any valuables inside, but are distinctive and captivating pieces of jewelry. Explore our entire locket necklace collection.


Nothing says classier than the unique and sparkling look of rose gold jewelry. Rose gold jewelry often creates a dramatic impression, especially when paired with certain hues such as deep greens or white, which help it make a statement.

The Double Tulip Necklace and Pendants Manly is an elegant and elegant design. It has two tulips in the beautiful and vibrant color of rose gold.

It is set with a silver chain that adds some accents to the gorgeous floral design. The Necklace and Pendants North Sydney is a beautiful feel to it and looks stunning when worn with the earrings that come with it for those occasions when you wish to dress up.

This Necklace and Pendants Balgowlah is the perfect addition to your outfit, no matter if you’re dressing in a casual or stylish style. Also, check out our entire collection of rose gold jewelry.


A necklace is beautiful enough by itself, however, it’s never a bad idea to put gemstones to increase its appeal especially when they provide just the right shade and sparkle an outfit.

This Stars & Apatite Beaded Necklace is an excellent example of what you can achieve when you combine gorgeous silver jewelry with stunning gemstones. The pendants of the star on the necklace are beautifully complimented by the blue apatite gems in this necklace. This necklace is also an example of how a Necklace and Pendants Balgowlah Heights can come with multiple pendants.

Stars symbolize protection and aid in warding off negative energies. A piece like this could appear striking when paired with clothes that are white or black, which allows it to stand out by itself.


Yellow gold is always a stunning option of color, particularly during summer. Gold looks particularly attractive against skin that is tanned or breezy white blouses when you are on the beach. However, gold can also work great in cooler weather to add warmth to your winter outfits.

Our Eye & Tsavorite – Solid Gold Amulet Necklace is a type of gold jewelry that looks great all year long. This item is special because it has a sparkling, green tsavorite stone in the middle, an uncommon form of garnet.

The pendant also has an eye-shaped design. Eye amulets (including evil eye amulets) have been used for a long time throughout many cultures as talismans for protection and to symbolize wisdom and love.

The small Necklace and Pendants Beauty Point is perfect for everyday wear and will make an exceptional present for a loved one.

Take a look at our complete Gold Necklaces Collection.


In our fashion choices, we are always looking for eco-friendly products because we believe that looking nice should not cause any harm to our planet. Simone strives to design jewelry with a particular focus on being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible to assist our loyal customers to make wise decisions.

Check out for instance our Coral Reef & Necklace and Pendants Cammeray as an example. This necklace has a detailed coral reef design set on a large, round pendant, which represents the breathtaking reefs in Australia and all around the globe.

The pink-colored coral gemstone that is featured on the necklace is fake coral, which means that there were no corals injured when making these necklaces. We love the stunning appearance of coral gems or beads. However, we are not awed by the harm they cause and this ethically simulated version is a fantastic alternative.

The silver Necklace and Pendants Neutral Bay is also made using recycled precious metals as is the majority of our silver jewelry. Find out more about our green jewelry.


Necklace and Pendants Manly can be made more stunning when they are hung in a necklace with beads, as shown in the star necklace above. This look is more elegant and beautiful with beads that are made of genuine pearls.

The Fan Shell Pendant on Pearl Necklace is a stunning model. This necklace has sparkling Sterling silver fan pendants that hang from a mauve and peach necklace of pearls.

Pearls are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to a basic dress or to make any attire feel unique and more opulent. They can add a touch of traditional style to your outfit, and the unique design of the pendant will stop them from looking too formal. For more ideas, check out our complete selection of pearl jewelry.


Sometimes, a pendant is so unique, it appears incredible by itself. No beads or bright coloring is required.

It’s true for necklaces such as the Guiding Star & White Sapphire Necklace. This necklace has a striking star-shaped pendant, adorned with sparkling white sapphires at the center set in the solid gold setting.

Stars are a symbol of guidance and are believed by many to bring good fortune and luck. This guiding star pendant is tiny sufficient to feel delicate yet attractive and sparkly enough to be a striking piece. It’s the perfect addition to wear with any outfit. You can make it look more elegant when you pair it with earrings.


The unique cluster necklaces we offer feature multiple smaller pieces, rather than an individual pendant. Cluster pendants are great to add a touch of shine and motion to casual attire, but they can also be worn on more formal occasions.

Our Chrysanthemum Leaf & Tourmaline Necklace is an excellent illustration of a subtle and unique cluster necklace and it’s also one of our most sought-after designs.

This necklace is a cluster of tiny, but exquisite flowers in chrysanthemums, and our equally detailed leaf pendant. The two pendants are linked by a ring that has five tiny tourmaline stones hanging from the ring. The pendants and beads can be able to move along with you and will sit in various positions while you move about your day. The combination of chrysanthemum flowers is a great present for mothers.


A single flower is beautiful as an individual however an arrangement of them is exceptional. Flowers don’t go out of style and, no matter the time of year or what trends are in fashion it’s a good idea to invest in flowers for your jewelry.

The Bouquet Silver Necklace stands out by featuring a row of blooms that are arranged on the bottom of the chain. The silver necklace is adorned with dahlia cherry blossom, and a blooming chrysanthemum – a complete bouquet that has significance.

Dress up your favorite outfits by putting together a garden of elegance. It is possible to combine this striking silver necklace with an assortment of rings, earrings, and bracelets from our collection of bouquet jewelry.


You will never be disappointed when it comes to delicate jewelry designs.

The unique Lily of the Valley Chain Necklace includes a variety of tiny pendants that are amazing and gorgeous. Each Necklace and Pendants North Sydney is composed of a sparkling pearl encased in a beautiful Lily of the Valley flower created in shining sterling silver.

These pieces are great to dress up a basic button-up top or paired with the v-neck to showcase it. This necklace chain will make a stunning outfit when paired with a simple outfit in black or pants. For extra formal, you can wear this necklace with Dangle earrings.


We hope that you’ve been impressed by the most stylish Necklace and Pendants Balgowlah designs you can wear to express your style. The addition of jewelry with pendants to our jewelry collection is the perfect way to take your fashion sense to a higher level.

Get yourself a sparkling new necklace today. Explore the Necklace and Pendants Balgowlah available from Gilan Jewellers to find your most desired accessory.


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