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RSS Widget

When you want to follow specific news, debates, publications, or any channel, the best way to follow this without having to visit the website every time is to have an RSS widget.

RSS feeds are usually coded in XML format.

In case you are unaware, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an amazing way to keep track of the news or information that is important to you. RSS avoids conventional methods of browsing and searching for a particular topic.

It is one of the smartest ways that you can incorporate into your content marketing strategy.  It helps you to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Why install an RSS widget on your website?

There are a number of reasons why you must install an RSS widget on your website. Some of them are given below.

Easy distribution of online content 

The best part of an RSS feed is that it makes your content readable to every classification of people. In order to reach a higher number of people, you need to frame your content in a different manner.  For example, you cannot post an Instagram Reel on your LinkedIn.

But, RSS also helps you to repurpose your content.

No competition over 1000 emails

When you create an email list, there might be a chance that your readers might not be interested in the content you are sending. This might lead to unsubscription or marking your email as spam. But luckily RSS helps you avoid such situations. This is because readers themselves search for your content. 

Increases visitors

By setting up an interesting feed you invite your visitors to visit your website again and again. This is an efficient way to increase your revenue and sales. RSS feeds also help you to establish your authority as an expert.

Now that you are aware of why the RSS widget is important for your business, let’s discuss how to display the latest news on the website using the RSS widget.

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How to display the latest news on websites using RSS Widget?

Embedding an RSS widget might sound like a task, but with the social media aggregator tools, it is as easy as a pie. These tools also provide you with customization tools, using which you can personalize the look of your widget.

Customization makes the website visually appealing. As a result, visitors spend more time on the website. This will help you to reduce the bounce of your website.

They also enable its users to apply the profanity filter that helps them to remove the posts that they do not want to display on their website.

The best part about using these social media aggregator tools is that they give an auto-update feature that helps the users to update the content on their RSS feed as soon as they post the content online.

Embedding RSS has many benefits that are not just limited to better website traffic. The RSS widget helps you to engage your visitors and make it more visitors-oriented.

List of tools that you can use to embed RSS widget on your website

There are multiple tools that you can use to embed RSS feed on website, some of them are given below.


Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that you can use to display your RSS widget on your website. This tool provides a profanity filter, which means you will decide what you want to display on your website.

Using this tool you can also customize the RSS widget according to your desire. This will make your website even more visually appealing. A customized widget creates a brand appeal to your website.

Moreover, this tool also provides you with an analytical report that enables you to figure out what type of content is working for your website.

RSS Widget Aggregator By Feedzy

RSS widget aggregator by Feedzy is yet another great tool that you can use to embed RSS widgets on your website. There are two main scenarios for using this plugin.

One is to display the information available in the feeds on your site and the other one is to import the feeds as posts on your website. However, this is available for the premium version only.

 With this tool, your feed will be automatically cached, which means that your website will load quickly.

WordPress RSS Aggregator

WordPress RSS aggregator is an incredible tool that can help you to embed RSS widgets on your website. It is a powerful and reliable tool that manages all your RSS feed sources from a single page. Just like Tagembed, this tool also provides you with a customization feature, which means you can customize your display widget.


Displaying the latest news on your website can be an amazing tactic to gain traction if done right. No matter what you hear about the downfall of RSS, it is still relevant for website owners. The trick is to choose the right tool.

The above-mentioned tools are currently the best, most economical, and easy-to-use tools in the market. You do not even need to hire a professional developer to manage these tools.

So try the RSS widget on your website using these tools and add some zeros to your bank balance.


RSS Widget

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