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As the electronic handheld games, computer software and video games hit the market, all the indoor board games got pushed aside in each home. Nobody wants to know that board games just like Carrom had actually played an important role in molding personality of every individual. Today’s modern games overtook these traditional board games. Lots of people do not even realize value of the board games or how it will be beneficial to the childhood development.The carrom game is one of the most interesting combinations of air hockey and pool, but highly available as the indoor family game, and being portable and compact is a lot of fun to play with your friends.

Playing Online Carrom

Carrom is a board game that is very simple to play. You just have to put all your disks in the pockets before your opponent and win the game.Do you think you can become the professional in the Carrom game? Yes, definitely!

With easy gameplay, great physics andsmooth controls travel across the world and start playing against some worthy opponents. Can you take up the challenge?

It is the time to customise all your pieces with various unlock-able items! And show your style to the players from across the world!

Carrom Friends is an app-based game providing the real carrom experience. You may use this carrom app for playing the carrom board game in the real time with your family, friends, and other players online. You may either play on a same device or you can play with your friends by using Wi-Fi hotspot. This game comes with three difficulties level: easy, medium and hard. Once you progress in your game, you can luck the strikers to level up in the game! Make sure you check out all the options like freestyle, black and white models.

If you are looking for the family game that is easy to play and understand, then Carrom Friends is thebest family-friendly, carrom board online game to revive your old days and start having real fun moment with your friends and family. In this app based game you can make the carrom club or be the king of carrom game and enjoy real play time.The best part of playing carrom at Carrom Friends is it completely free and classic board games with the concept just likepool,billiards, and shuffleboard.In spite of being classified as the indoor “board game”, this is unique in itself –not like dice games like Monopoly, and not like any strategy games like Chess. Actually, it’s much more, involving the combination of mental and physical elements. Just like billiards, air hockey and marbles in various ways, it is simple to understand, lots of fun to play, as well as most appropriate for kids and adults alike.

You can also customize your options that will allow you to modify the carrom board by selecting from six different boards and striker andpucks. When you enter the Carrom Game Pro world, you will find easy to control and realistic gameplay.You can also connect with your friends and family on Facebook. So, with Carrom Friends, you can play the carrom game anywhere you want with your Friends..! Do you find it exciting? Visit the Playstore and download the updated version of Carrom Friends now!!

With Carrom Friends, nobody can stop you from playing your most favourite board games online. Now, let us look at some of the benefits of playing your most favourite Carrom game on Carrom Friends:

  • Easy-to-play gaming mode.
  • Three difficulty modes-easy, medium and hard mode.
  • Connect your friends on Facebook.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Smooth gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Join carrom club.
  • Play in different lobbies.
  • Play your game even in offline mode.
  • Invite other players
  • Language used is English

Bottom Line

If you ever think of playing carrom game, think of Carrom Friends to be the best place to pick your carrom game. They have some amazing features and options that will make your gameplay simple and intuitive. It is a continuous excitement and this goes without any saying you just can’t resist yourself from playing your carrom game at Carrom Friends continuously.


carrom board online

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