PAID/PRIME TEAMS Sellers For Fantasy Sports is Biggest SCAM? Must Read to Know Why

Fantasy team sellers

What is Fantasy Sport:

Fantasy sport is real money gaming where you earn money by predicting or making your team and participate in contents. If you win, you can withdraw money instantly from that application.

Fantasy sports is a skill-based game, as your predictions correct as more amount of money you can win.

Lets Dive Deep Why PAID TEAMS Sellers Biggest SCAM

If you like playing fantasy sport or if you Dream11 player who was playing for sometime, then you must have come across the word “Prime Team” or “Paid Team” sellers. If you have not come across, then these are the people who you ask for money and in return promise you to give 100% winning team of dream11 or other fantasy platforms.

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To justify losses, some of the prime team sellers mentioned 80% or 90% winning team of dream11, So in case of losses, they can easily blame on that 15% or 10%.

In some case: Once you do pay for your paid team. Then they never replay you, even if he/she online, last seen get updated, but you will never get a replay from that person. or else you get blocked.

Be aware of these fantasy team sellers. This is a completely SCAM. 

Ask below questions to the paid/prime team sellers (They WILL NEVER GIVE ANY PIECES OF INFORMATION)

Question 1: Ask for providing Government ID Proof.

Questions 2: Ask for a Contact number.

Questions 3: Ask for a bank details for payment instead of a QR Code.

Questions 4: Ask for the mobile number for Google pay payment.

So, Should you Buy Paid/PRIME teams?    

Say a big NO to kind of frauds.

Fantasy sport is a game of your analysis and predictions. So its illogical to pay for some things which is not 100% sure. The paid team sellers show you screenshots of winnings that makes you think they win almost all games to gain your trust. 

“BUT THAT IS NOT 100% TRUTH”. They show you only the winning screenshots, the ratio of winning matches/contest is 20-25% and hide the screenshots of 75-80% matches/content they lose.

If someone shows you the screen recording or screenshots with 90% of winning, then its EDITED, do not trust on them. The REAL TRUTH remains always hidden from the people, by fooling people, by playing with people emotions and feeling paid team seller make lots of money.

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Actual Solution

Stop believing in paid/prime team sellers, start research and analysis and make your team.

If you love to play fantasy sports and want to earn money, then the best solution is to research the data based on your knowledge and make the team based on your observed statistical data. Nowadays, there are many apps and websites that provide you data of every player and ground report. So you need to analyses statistics of player and records on that particular ground. After analysis of that you things you can make a better team and win.  

Alternative solution

Suppose you are not able to analyses the team or not have enough time to research statistical data. Then, you can join FREE TEAM PROVIDER channels on TELEGRAM. Numerous channels provide fantasy team Without any cost. If you do not have TELEGRAM, then install and Join the free team provider they also providing well research team. 

You can not find DIFFERENCE between a PAID TEAM and a FREE TEAM provider in terms of team creation. They Both do well research and analysis. And FREE TEAMS performs better than the PAID TEAMS mostly.

Reality of These Paid/Prime teams sellers

Selling paid teams and making money is the real business of paid team sellers. They make a massive amount of money by selling teams, and people who buy teams, they suffer from heavy losses mostly by believing on frauds team sellers.

People trust on that fake or edited screenshots and invest a high amount of money, expecting to win a massive amount of winning. In reality, team buyers get only losses like losses on team buying and losses on contents investment. 

Let’s have an example:

If they have the knowledge to get rank 1 in every match mega contests. Then WHY….

Why are they selling the team to us?

Why they not play and win instead of selling teams?

Why their winner’s buyers do not show in the deam11 dashboard of winners?

Bro, do not believe or trust on kind of team sellers. They fool you to make money only.

So, Keep away from this kind of fraud activities.


Fantasy team seller

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