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If you have a domestic as well as international business, you would require a payment acceptance method to collect the payments. Normal methods like cash, bank transfer, etc are always available. However, today’s customers demand and expect to have their preferred payment options from the multiple available alternatives such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, UPI, etc. Especially, when the International payments are in question the Cash payments cannot be among the preferred options for the customers.

PayKun is the cheapest international payment gateway providing the best domestic as well as international payment processing services. It can be used for offline, online or semi-online businesses too. By this it means that you can either integrate it to your website or mobile application or use its payment links which does not need a website or app. Both of these options are free and easy to do. 

In this article we shall have an overview of how to collect the international online payment for free with PayKun without using the website or app. We will also look at other important features of PayKun to understand how it is ideal for any kind of business:

Payment Links

These are like normal links. PayKun payment links can be used to collect online payments with multiple payment methods in a safe and secure manner. Before understanding the concept of the payment links let us understand the merchant dashboard:

Merchant Dashboard of PayKun

This is a log in account for the registered merchants, which is only activated for use after the merchant account is activated by PayKun, allowing the merchant to collect the payments.

This can be used to manage and view the transactions, customer and order details, different types of reports, important account setting, etc. Payment Links can be accessed from here only.

How to send the Free Payment Links to collect International payments?

The details and documents submitted by you will be further verified by our onboarding team after you complete the registration process.

If the verification is successful, your account will be activated and then you can generate payment links from the browser login of the merchant account.

Following are the steps to create the payment links:

1. Login to Merchant Dashboard

2. Go to Payment Links

3. Click on “Create Payment Link”

4. Fill up the mentioned basic details.

Here is the video:

After the link is created. It needs to be copied. Then paste it and send through the possible mediums such as Whatsapp, Email, Messenger, etc.

If you have the international services activated, you can choose the currency in which you are going to collect the payments.

Features of PayKun

PayKun is safe, secured, reliable, easy and very much affordable to use. Following are the basic features:


PayKun does not charge any extra fees other than a per transaction fee which is also known as the transaction discount rate (TDR). It means that the merchant pays the fee only if the customer payment is received. 

There is no other kind of fee such as setup or maintenance charges. This way the payment links can be created and sent for free and also the integration and set up can be done without being charged any extra fee. 

Payment Methods

PayKun provides all of the above mentioned payment methods such as all types of debit cards and credit cards, wallets, UPI, net banking, etc. Payment Links will also provide all of these payment methods without any extra fees. So for example, if you have a facebook page in which you sell clothes or if you have an offline shop and would like to deliver and sell your product internationally, you may simply send the payment link through whatever medium you like to and collect the payment easily.


PayKun is safe for both the merchant and the customer. Their funds and the sensitive data is secured from the online breach and frauds. PayKun follows the PCI DSS security standards and AES Encryption standards. ALso, it is SSL certified. All these are strict security standards for the payment gateway and also are of the highest levels.


If you have a website or an app, you can easily add PayKun on it with the help of the free payment gateway integration kits available online. You can try it with the test mode first and later after the registered merchant account is activated, you can start using it in the live mode. If you do not have the technical knowledge, you need not worry because you will not need it. The ready plugins and SDKs are easy to integrate and in case you have any issues, you can go for the free integration help. 

Even if you have the website or app for your business, you can still use the payment links if required. 


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