How does a Physiotherapist Service help to Reduce Sports Injuries?

Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow

Everyone loves sports. Whether a person is heavily involved in sports or likes to play occasionally injuries are inevitable if not taken care of properly. Some injuries can be severe that need more attention. In such cases, physiotherapy helps a lot to bring back mobilization in a person’s body. A deep injury stops movement and excessive pain in the targeted area can result in prolonged physical inactivity. These are the cases where sports physiotherapy comes to the rescue.

Adolescents and children are in largest number when we talk about participation in a sports activity. So the degree of risks increases for both the age groups.

While having a physical activity has numerous numbers of pros, safety and prevention of injuries become equally important, as physical inactivity mostly are in fatal but leads to immobility for a prolonged time and easiness.

For an Athlete, it is crucial to take any physical injury seriously as along with health it affects their career as well. Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh has a wide range of physiotherapy centers for healing sports injuries and bringing your health back to its pristine glory. Tennis elbow, aches or pain, and Achilles tendinopathy are some of the complaints an athlete has. No matter whatever the duration of your pain is, physiotherapists in Aliganj, Lucknow promises to deliver premium quality services to give the best treatment possible.

There are many ways physiotherapy treatment can be done. We will share a few ways to enlighten you more-

  • Exercise therapy- As is evident by its name, this kind of therapy is done by exercise. Physiotherapists with the help of exercises treat patients to bring back movements. It increases flexibility and reduces pain in a short frame of time. The patients are given every kind of support to learn and make progress with the help of their own efforts as well. Even exercise therapy is customized. One exercise does not suit all. In a physiotherapy center, it is ensured that every patient receives the right exercise suitable for them.
  • Aqua therapy- Aqua therapy is a kind of therapy that is done in water. The physical properties of water are used in healing the patients. It provides buoyancy to the patients, especially to the people who are overweight or have arthritis problems. Being submerged in water reduces the amount of stress acting on the joint. Hence, it becomes easier to perform exercises underwater as the pressure on the joints decreases. Even without weights exercises can be performed as the viscosity of water is an ultimate source of resistance. It makes the muscles more strong. While it has some limitations as well. People suffering from cardiovascular disease are not advised to perform aquatic therapies. Consult your physician before performing therapy inside water. The temperature of the water is normally warm which soothes the muscles. Those who have any sort of allergies or infections should refrain from aquatic therapy. It should only be performed under the supervision of trained and certified physiotherapists. As many people don’t know swimming so the presence of a trainer is crucial.
  • Joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques- joint mobilization is done manually. It releases pain from a muscle. Two bones in our body are connected through a joint and the area around it is covered by soft tissues, this area is quite prone to injuries. This technique relieves pain from the joint. Free movement in the joint is painless, if the movement is stopped or locked, it results in pain. To restart the movement exercises are done. With the advancement of medical sciences, the joint mobilization technique has also improved, now it can be performed without any sort of pain. Under the direction of a good physiotherapist, the problem of a joint lock can be resolved. Joint mobilization, physiotherapy instrument mobilization, and traction techniques are some examples of joint mobilization.
  • Acupuncture- To eliminate pain this technique is used. It involves the insertion of a sterile needle into the specific points. It is advisable to get it under by a trained professional only. It is recognized as an effective technique to reduce stress and pain. The needle inserted for the treatment is very thin like a hair strand. The chemicals in turn stimulate the nervous system of the body to release certain hormones which relieve the pain. Over time acupuncture has shown a lot of positive results and is recommended by physiotherapists. The duration of treatment lasts about half an hour.

These are some of the measures that are taken to heal sports injuries. It is always advisable to consult a physiotherapist because they have a wide knowledge of the subject. Physiotherapy offers a very gentle treatment. Nowadays, professionals are well trained to give a safe and effective treatment that is long-lasting. Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow have profound knowledge and experience. They offer premium quality services to their clients.


Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow

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