How To Prevent From Hair Loss Using Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Before we start over how to prevent hair loss using clip-in hair extensions? Let’s talk about why people use hair extensions besides having healthy hair.  Many people use hair extensions to give themselves a natural look,  get a new hairstyle to be the center of attraction, or prepare for an auspicious occasion. Following are some benefits of using hair extensions that are widely known and recommended by dermatologists. 

Improving Hair Volume and Length

Hair extensions instantly provide a good volume and length to your hair. People having short hair mostly use hair extensions to give a better and new look to hair. Hair extensions emerge as a life savior as it has countless benefits. You can hide your hair fall or hair loss by using extensions. Hair extensions provide upgrades to your new hair look.

Different Hair Style

Hair extensions provide a variety of hairstyles, and people have complaints about not having enough hair to make a good style. Well, here it is by using hair extensions you can style your hair in a number of ways and give your hair a new look every morning. Hair extensions give you a pathway to style the hair you wished for. Hair extensions give you the freedom of having your most desirable hairstyle every day.

Color Change

This is the far most important and most beneficial reason to have hair extensions and that is Color Change. You can change your hair colors at any point in your life and give a new look on any occasion. You can easily add your favorite color to your hair extensions without any worry.

Before having hair extensions people used to think about how this color looked on their hair and what sort of damage can be done to the hair, now hair extensions give you the freedom of having a trail of different colors and how they may look on your favorite dance party or wedding, etc. If somehow you don’t like the hair color you can easily turn back to your original hair color.

Hide Split Ends

Split ends normally disturb your hair texture and your look as well, if you struggle to grow your hair length you will definitely face split ends. Hair extensions give you this opportunity to hide your split ends. Hair extensions give you a wide cover for your hair and a natural look.

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Tips For Prevention From Hair Loss

As we briefly discussed some of the benefits of using hair extensions, there are some bad things about hair extensions if proper care is not taken. Hair extensions can significantly change your hairstyle, hair volume, and hair length but they can cause damage to your hair such as hair loss.

Hair extensions require tightly binding your hair which can damage your hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Once your hair follicles become damaged they cannot grow back which leads to permanent hair loss. People after hair loss go for hair transplants and other complex methods to recover their hair loss but as they say “Prevention is better than cure”.

So it is always better to go for prevention tips rather you face complex surgeries. These damages can be controlled if you follow the precautions and tips recommended by dermatologists.

Some of the Tips are the following:

Keep Your Hair Healthy

This is the most recommended tip by dermatologists as this is the base of every problem that can occur to your hair. So keep your natural hair healthy by washing it every day and don’t forget to use conditioner after that. Natural hair keeps your hair healthy and clean. Make sure you take care of your hair while using the hair extensions often.

Seek Professional Advice

Before you make a decision to go for hair extensions, make sure to visit a professional hairstylist or dermatologist because they can best suggest what type of hair extensions you should apply and many other things as well. 

After seeking advice from professionals then go for hair extensions, if you feel any headaches or your hairs are tightly pulled then immediately stop the process and do not wear hair extensions as they may affect your scalp and your natural hair so immediately stop the process and seek for other option available at that time. 

Keep Your Hair Style Clean

Wash your hair on a daily basis if you use hair extensions frequently. If you use clip-in extensions, make sure to remove them before washing and then wear it carefully after washing. Use gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp clean and clear.

Cleaning hair makes your hair healthy, strong, and long-lasting. 

Protect Edges

Edges are known as the baseline of any hair, always take care of the tiny hair edges carefully during washing. Edges protect your hair from converting them into hair follicles which results in hair fall. 

Make sure to use a hairdryer as minimum as you can as this damages your hair edges. Hair edges play a major role in hair growth and a good shape as well. By using extensions hair edges can damage due to the tightening of hairs and may cause weak hair follicles.

Take a Pause

Pause is very necessary in order to maintain your hair’s health. Pause means taking a break from using hair extensions and switching to normal hair styling. This is a widely proven technique as this keeps hairs healthy and strong. 

Dermatologists recommend using hair extensions for straight two or three months and then taking a break from them.


After careful analysis, it is widely accepted to visit any hair stylist professional, or dermatologist before using hair extensions. After that make sure to follow these above-given tips to keep your hair healthy, strong, and clean. 

We have thoroughly discussed each and every step and came to the conclusion that seeks professional help before making a decision to go for extensions. Hopefully, this article will help you out in making this tough decision.


What is the solution to hair loss?

Hair loss can be cured if you properly take care of your hair health and take precautionary measures to prevent hair loss. Seek any dermatologist before going to adopt any homemade therapy.

What are the benefits of hair extensions?

Hair extensions cover your hair fall and give you a natural look every time you wear them neatly. Hair extensions give a new look to your hair and protect you from more hair loss.

Is it necessary to visit any dermatologist or professional hairstylist before going to wear hair extensions?

Yes indeed, it is necessary to visit any dermatologist or seek professional help in order to get the best results. The dermatologist will see your scalp and your hair’s condition and then will suggest proper treatment for your hair.


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