How to Start a Project Management Consulting Business?

project management consultation

With the emergence of smartphones, the internet, laptop, computer devices, etc., the software enables you to do everything in just a single click, from developing a website to buying something to paying your bills; You can all do it with a single tap. Becoming an independent project management consultant can be a perfect choice for your career. Being your boss comes with several challenges and advantages.  

A project management consultant is one who owns skills, knowledge, and development with experience earned by past experiences. Managers keep on moving with lots of stress from business complexions. This is why we give high value to consultant managers in the present time. Project management consultants are the ones who use their skills and expertise in your business project and, in return, charge a generous amount for scheduling time for your business development. Hiring a project management consultant will help take the burden off your shoulders and help you complete your project within your budget.

A project management consultant in full-time employment switches to practicality from predictions. They hold expertise in breaking a project into several manageable components and follow them during execution. 

Responsibilities of a project management consultant

A project manager, in a way, needs to be a multitasker. They enhance their skills with time and experience. Here are some key responsibilities of a project management consultant: 

  • A project manager is responsible for the functions and features of the project so that they can ensure delivering their responsibilities on time. 
  • Completing the work on the due date is one of the core responsibilities of a project manager. They need to divide the tasks for completing the project as a successful practice. A consultant focuses on building credibility and building networks, and this won’t happen automatically. You will have to make plans and schedules so that you can make this happen. A project management consultant knows when to say no and is entirely aware of what they can offer. This is why they have clear goals that define the target market to efficiently utilize the time so that they can match the perspective of clients. 
  • One of the most important things that a project management consultation must have is cost management; a manager ensures that the project is completed within the approved budget. 
  • After considering cost management, quality management comes; next, clients hire a project management consultant to find solutions for particular purposes. Hence a project management consultant needs to provide new and innovative solutions to their clients, provide possible measures, and sustain improvement over time. In addition to this, a project management consultant must have effective agents that deliver healthy relations between the clients and the company. 
  • The project management consultant must be capable of providing links with required information and ideas that are essential for a business. The biggest challenge for a consultant is marketing. They must have the potential skills to write, speak, convince, create marketing messages, and effective branding in developing market materials. 

Steps to become an independent project management business


Having a clear plan before executing a business is very essential. While planning a business, you must understand the startup and ongoing costs, costs to be charged to the customers, the target market profit from your business, and lastly, naming your business. While starting a project management consulting business, you need access to a computer, a small office, and you can create it all. After starting your business, you might incur expenses such as software up-gradation, office, and system maintenance, and this might cost $200-$700 every month depending upon the size of your business. A project management consultant charges per hour to their clients for their project, and some companies hire project management consultants on a monthly or project basis. Lastly, when it comes to naming your business, choose a name that connects your idea and your services. 

Building presence:

You might require a strong online presence when you plan to start your own project management consulting business. You need to make a website that can be well-founded, easily navigated, and can target your customers easily. You can use cloud development or can also hire a web developer if your budget allows. Having a solid base on social media and platforms such as LinkedIn will help your clients recommend you to other people and serve as great tools to build trust over the customers in the online platforms. 


You need to self enable yourself in order to target the first few customers for your business. You can promote your business locally through newspapers, pay-per-click advertisements, website advertising, email marketing, advertising in trade publications, etc. This will help you get clients at the initial stage of your business. It is essential for you to figure out the market and describe the unique skills you have to offer so that you can deliver to your potential clients what they require for their project. Describe what you want to provide your clients. Building websites for your business will help you promote your ideas and skills on a much bigger platform. Remember to keep your website functional, and you can also offer conditional prices to promote your business on other companies’ websites. 

Form legal entity:

Forming a legal entity for your business will shield you from personal liability when your business gets sued. You can get yourself registered legally by paying a minimum amount to your state LLC corporation, or you can also hire LLC services by paying additional costs to the service providers. LLC service providers usually have different packages per the service you want; they also provide one year of free service for registered LLC service agents. 

Register your business for taxes:

It’s essential for you to register yourself for several taxes, as per your state’s rules and regulations, before kick-starting your business. Taxes depend entirely upon the size of your business entity. Depending on LLC, sole proprietorship, corporations, corp, you can have different categories on how your business will get charged. Apart from this, you will even have certain state taxes applicable, and you can get information about these taxes on franchise tax in your state guidelines. 

Setup financials for your business:

You need to create the groundwork for your business entity. To make a business successful, it is essential for the owner to maintain a balance between profit and expenses of the company, handling your finances such and what you will be charging to your customers on an hourly basis, project basis, or monthly basis, managing your office and staff expenses, having a health cover for the family as well as yourself, these are the fundamental things you need to consider as a project management consultant. Most importantly, you will need to have a financial backup for the few initial months of your business till you complete 8-10 projects. This will help you out with good savings for safe living. 

Business insurance:

Getting a license and permits is not enough, and you also need to get your business insured to ensure safety. Having your business assured will protect your business from unnatural losses and also helps in developing the financial wellbeing of your business. There are different types of business insurance policies to choose within, as per the risk associated with your business. If you are not sure about losses that your business can incur, you can prefer general insurance for your business. General insurance is most common among small business entities. Still, if you have staff working under, you might require worker compensation insurance to get your worker’s compensation in case of any mishap.    

Create your brand:

The last thing you need to do while starting a project management consulting business is to create a strong brand for your business. A brand is something that stands on your behalf with your competitors, and the public also comes to know about your business with the help of the brand. Creating a brand logo to define your business is the most challenging task. You can also use a phone setup to describe your business, and this gives a legitimate entity to your business. It also makes it easy reachability for your customer.  

To sum it up

Starting a project business management business is profitable for those who have vast knowledge and skills in business management. As a project management consultant, you must have the skills to meet deadlines, provide substantial solutions to the problems of clients, effective cost management, and complete project management on time.  


There are a large number of FAQs that come across while choosing project management consultation as a career option. Here is an acknowledgment of a few frequently asked questions regarding the same.

1. How do you get more profit in a project management consulting business? 

While analyzing profit in your project management business, you can consider partnering with non-competing consultants; this will help your agency become a one-stop destination for every solution, hence will deliver convenience to your clients. This will, in return, allow you to command higher fees for your consulting services. 

2. Who takes charge of cost management in a project management consultation?

The project managers are solely responsible for managing the costs of a project. It’s one of their key responsibilities to manage the cost of the project as per budget. A project manager is supposed to estimate the total cost, budget planning, monitoring expenses and be prepared for unexpected risks in your project. A consultant needs to have keen eyes towards the cost management for your project so that they can stay within budget and improve profitability. 

3. What are the significant challenges that a project management consultation faces to attain effective cost management? 

It’s the critical responsibility of the consultant to estimate the advantages of cost management. It might be tricky, but here are some challenges that a consultant needs to overcome:

  • In a small business entity, it gets challenging to analyze the labor and material cost.
  • A consultant needs to forecast the overall cost of a project to determine the broad scope.
  • A consultant needs to be updated with technology and tools to get effective cost management. 


project management consultation

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