12 Questions to ask before Hire Nodejs Developer: Do You Know the Right Ones?

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Do you have your node js web development company? And are you seeking a professional NodeJS developer? If yes, then you have stopped at the right place. Before selecting a developer, you need to ask a few questions which are mentioned below. Node.JS developer is wholly responsible to manage the interchange of data between the users and server. The role of the developer is to develop and maintain all the server-side network components. Apart from this, it ensures the excellent performance of the central database.

Let’s check the few questions that are mandatory to ask before hiring NodeJS Developer.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring NodeJS Developer

Ques 1- What are the differences between JavaScript and Node.js?

Ans- Here are the few differences between JavaScript and Node.js:

  1. Javascript is a programming language whereas NodeJS is an interpreter and environment for JavaScript.
  2. JavaScript is used for a client-side activity for a web application. On the contrary, Node.Js is used for performing non-blocking operations of any OS.
  3. The running engines of JavaScript are JavaScriptCore (Safari), Spider monkey (Firefox), V8 (Google Chrome), etc. Whereas, Node.js running engine is V8 (Google Chrome).

Ques 2- Explain Node.JS

AnsIt is truly a powerful developed framework on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.JS compiles the JavaScript into the native machine code. Apart from this, it is said to be a lightweight framework. It is used to create server-side web apps and extends JavaScript API to proffer server-side functionalities. Most importantly, it is used for big-scale app development. It is particularly for single pages and other web apps.

Ques 3- Tell the benefits of using Node.JS


  1. The particular framework is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. It makes its library very quick in code execution.
  2. The particular framework-based server does not wait for an API to return data. In such a case it is asynchronous.
  3. Node.JS is said to be extremely scalable because of its event mechanism.
  4. Node.js applications do not buffer any data.

Ques 4- What is the difference between Angular and Node.js


1. Angular is said to be an open-source web application development framework1. Node.js is a cross-platform run-time environment for apps
2. Angular is written in TypeScript2. On the other hand, Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript languages
3. It is specifically used to build single-page client-side web applications3. You can use it to build quick and scalable server-side networking applications
4. It is itself a web app framework4. It has many frameworks such as Sails.js, Partial.js, Express.js, etc.
5. Angular is the perfect option to create highly active and interactive web apps5. Node.js is ideal for developing small-size projects for your business.
6. It is perfect for developing real-time applications7. Node.js is used when something faster and more scalable is needed

Ques 5- How exactly does Node.js support a multi-processor platform?

Ans- Node.js is already by default a single thread app. The framework will run on a single processor core. Besides, it will not take full benefit of multiple core resources. Thus, Node.js offers support for deployment on multiple-core systems.

Ques 6- Tell me what do you understand by Reactor Pattern in Node.js?

Ans- It is a concept of non-blocking I/O operations. This pattern offers a handler that is linked with each I/O operation. Also, as soon as an I/O request is generated, it gets submitted to a demultiplexer. Now, the demultiplexer is said to be a notification interface that is able to handle concurrency in non-blocking I/O mode.

Ques 7- What are the main differences between Front-end Development and Backend Development?


Front-end DevelopmentBack-end Development
Front-end development uses markup and web languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS,It uses scripting and programming languages. For Example- Perl, Ruby, etc.
It is mainly based on asynchronous requests and AJAXBack-end development is based on server architecture
It gives better accessibilityIt helps in enhancing security
Front-end is used for SEOIt is used for Backup

Ques 8- What is Libuv?

Ans- It is a multi-platform support library of Node.js which is mainly used for asynchronous I/O. Earlier it was developed for Node.js. As time passes by it is practiced with other systems such as pyuv, Luvit, etc. It is an abstraction around libev/ IOCP depending on the platform.

Ques 9- Explain the working of the control flow function.

Ans- In Node.js framework, the control flow function is generally the code that is executed between your asynchronous function calls.

Here are the steps for executing it:

  1. First, the order of execution needs to be controlled.
  2. After that, the needed data needs to be collected.
  3. Now, the concurrency must be restricted.
  4. Finally, the program has to be invoked.

Ques 10- Explain the test pyramid.

Ans- The test pyramid is developed by Mike Cohn. You need to have a higher number of low-level unit tests if you compare them to high-level end-to-end tests.

Ques 11- What is the purpose of the module. exports?

Ans- It is used to compress all the related codes that too into a single unit of code. It can be interpreted by shifting all correlated functions into a single file.

Ques 12- Why does Google use the V8 engine for Node.js?

Ans- So, Google uses V8. It is because it is a Chrome runtime engine that helps to convert JavaScript code into native machine code. In short, it speeds up the app execution and response process. Thus, you will get a fast-running application.


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