Real Estate SEO Tips that Will Increase Organic Traffic

Real Estate SEO Tips that Will Increase Organic Traffic

Real estate SEO (search engine Optimization) has captured attention of many real estate marketers and agents in the recent past.

However, there is a big challenge on how to rank consistently a real estate website on first page of google.

Most marketers and website owners do not understand that there are some variations on how to rank blog website, corporate website and Real estate website.

In this article, I am to give you insights of how SEO can be implemented on real estate website and how that will contribute to an increase in organic Traffic.

Let’s start by looking at the common problems that Website owner go through;

1. Problem of Ranking Single project leaving out other projects

Often times, real estate agents have land or house properties in the same area and those properties are many. In addition to that, these properties have many similarities like sharing same postal address, have same descriptions etc.

It becomes hard for SEO specialist to rank those projects individually. As keyword cannibalization will often be the challenge. Google tend to select one project that will best reflect searcher query according to their ranking algorithm.

According to some SEOs expert in the industry, they argue that Writing separate copies on individual projects in your website could help.  

From my experience of handling Real Estate Agent, it does not work and it shall not work for this reason, duplicate or similar content on same site will not be given priority in google ranking.

It used to work awhile back but as google algorithm get better and get updated. Things have become harder to get ranked.

2. High competition to rank on first page consistently

I think we all agree that real estate is the most competitive industry. We have many participants competing for the same ranking. This make things for new real estate website to be accorded a fair chance to showcase their products on the first page.

But competition is something that can be managed, it can be handled when you have a highly skilled SEO expert who understand searching optimization and well updated on the latest tricks within the industry.

So how do we Manage two major challenges in real estate industry?

While above mention challenges are the main and often encountered in real estate, there other factors that you need to pay attention as website owner. To name a few, you need to write unique and resourceful articles if you have a blog sections. Have a good website design and ensure that your website performance especially on mobile is good.

On our first case, ranking of single projects should never be a priory for any real estate agent. You should concentrate all your energy on ranking the Category of webpage where your projects are listed.

This is a proven working strategy that will resolve keyword cannibalization and duplication of your content on the website.

For instance, this is how I handle one of the real estate website that I manage. The website flows this way;

Domain > Category > Project


Username Investment Limited (Main Website) > Kangundo Road (One of the category on website) > Gardenia Estate in Kangundo Road (Single project listed in the category)

Once you have this kind of a map on your website, the next thing you need to do now is simple.

Build Page authority for webpage Categories

I have seen several websites that haven’t work on this important aspect that falls under off-page optimization.

Also, I have seen new websites which have built page authorities and compete with giant realtors. This has been a good lesson to learn from, without web page authority on your category where your projects are listed, you will not be ranked on first page.

So how do you build Page authority?

Page authority is built through backlinks. And the easiest way to do this is to do guest posting on real estate websites that that accept guest post on real estate’s topics.

The process of guest posting sometimes is a bit long but it is worth it.

In conclusions, understanding search engine optimization and map of your real estate website is the beginning of your ranking process. Implementing best Real estate SEO practices will put you ahead of your competitor and earn your free organic traffic.

As a real estate agent you need to stay ahead of your competitor and the best way to do is concentrate on what will best reward you the most in the long run. The best way to ever get started when you don’t have in-house skilled manpower is reach out to an SEO Agency that can offer you free Audit. In Most scenarios they give your resourceful recommendations for your website. and help you create a map for your website and recommendations that you can start with.

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