How long after the invisalign treatment do I have to wear retainers?


So, you have spent nine months straightening your teeth and your dentist finally told you that you have finished your last aligner. Congratulations! However, now it’s time to think about retention. London Braces help in stopping the teeth from moving back or relapsing to where they were previously. This relapsing wall movement back is most likely to happen in the first few months of your finished orthodontic treatment. Why does it happen? This is due to the movement of your Invisalign teeth because as you move your teeth, the bone that you are moving teeth into has to become spongy to allow your teeth to move into that space. So when you stop the orthodontic treatment that spongy bone is still existing and the teeth can just move back to where they were previously.

What types of retainers are there?

  • Fixed retainer- a fixed retainer is a small wire that goes behind your canine tooth and sweeps along to the other canine tooth that holds the first six teeth in place. The beauty of the fixed retainer is because that wire is cemented on the back of those front six teeth, you don’t have to worry about it and those teeth will not move. The wire is not visible from the front and although your tongue will play over it for the first time, you’ll find that you can quickly get over it.
  • Removable retainer- these are very similar to the Invisalign trays that you have been wearing. They are clear plastic and they sit on top of your teeth and stop them from moving. These are great as they will cover all your teeth, so that means there’s no risk of any of them moving. They are also very easy to get used to as you will have to wear them anyway. However, they do mean that you have to wear them and if you don’t your teeth will surely move back.

Which retainers are best for you?

A lot of dentists recommend the golden combination. The Golden combination is the fixed retainer on the back of the front 16 and you have to wear them all the time. Every night, if you wear the removable retainers over the top, your teeth won’t move.

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How long do you have to wear the retainers?

Normally, every dentist will recommend wearing removable retainers for 3 months full time while that spongy bone hardens slightly and then shifts on to nighttime wear. First the next three months, you have to wear them every single night. After that, you can wear them every other night then every third night and just keep wearing them until they feel a little bit tight when you put them in. if you feel it is a bit tight, it means your teeth have started to move slightly and that’s a perfect amount of time.

What to expect in the first few months after Invisalign?

When you are put on your Invisalign London treatment, your jawbone will be softened and your teeth will move in their ideal position. During this time, your teeth are partly held by the jawbone. This is the reason you have to wear retainers after Invisalign so that the teeth are held in their place and by the time your bones will be deposited. All these treatments take about 9-12 months which will build your bones in stabilizing teeth.

How long do retainers last?

Fixed retainers generally last quite well but as we all know nothing lasts forever. You have to be a little bit careful with it and things that might break it. If you need a new one, it’s quite simple to do. Your dentist will just remove the old wire and the cement and will replace it with a new one. Just make sure you are in touch with your dentist in order to prevent the risk of your teeth moving back again.

Retainers won’t last forever, they will pick up staining. If you grind your teeth, they’ll wear down. So every few years, they’ll also need replacing.

After 12 months of wearing Invisalign

Once the 12 months are over, your new bone is now fully supporting your teeth to keep them in their place. Now you don’t have to follow the strict guidelines of wearing retainers every time. You are allowed to wear them 3-5 times a week.

When the jawbone starts to regain the bone tissue, the movement of your teeth won’t be so drastic. However, as you get older, your teeth may tend to come forward and inward but these changes take time to happen.

In case you have lost your retainers

If you have lost your retainers, don’t panic! Call in the office and quickly schedule an appointment. You will get a new retainer no matter what was your reason for losing it. As the dentist knows the importance of wearing a retainer throughout the treatment plan or else you will lose the progress with the orthodontic treatment. An impression is made to give you the new retainer as per the condition of your teeth.

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How do you clean retainers?

Why we are talking about cleaning retainers? Taking care of your retainers will make sure that you can speed up the process of straightening your teeth without having to count for months and months! Fixed retainers need cleaning as you clean your teeth. Brush your teeth twice as you would normally. Brush the back of your teeth and around the wire. You need to get the incidental brushes and just slot them in between each one. When you remove your retainers in the morning, just clean your teeth but not with toothpaste as it can take the shine off them. Are the retainers permanent?

A lot of patients lose patience with the straightening process as they can see that after one orthodontic process, they are shifted to yet another straightening plan. This could be really frustrating since they have been waiting for their straight teeth without any metal braces. Retainers are very important after Invisalign treatment as it helps in positioning your teeth as they should be. If you don’t follow wearing them up, you may have to end up with bad news of “mission unsuccessful”. Your teeth will again start to move back again and thus you will have no other choice than to remorse.

Retainers might be very uncomfortable with your teeth but as the days pass, you will get used to them. Wearing them consistently will help you in easing out the process. It is just normal if you feel your teeth have shifted a slight bit after you have removed the Invisalign London. This happens because of wearing and tearing that is due to speaking, eating, swallowing, or chewing.


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