When Is It Safe to Travel with a Newborn by Plane?

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Contrary to all the myths that you may have heard up till now, it is safe to take your babies in the flight. Flights are crowded and hectic but you can travel in a plan with your little one by only taking some simple measures. Remember that the health of the infant and your health matters a lot. Don’t take flights soon after the birth of your child unless it is necessary. The flights would be much easier when your baby is a few weeks old. 

Although flights are safe for newborns, there are still some things you need to consider. All babies are not the same and so their health and other conditions. With all of that, you also need extra care when you are traveling with a baby. I’ve listed some important things to consider and some tips for you so that your flight will be easy and less hectic.

How Old Should Your Baby Be to Travel in a Plane?

Studies show that the conditions in a plane or during a flight are much appropriate for the newborns. Traveling by plane is not directly related to the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). There is no specific age after which you can take your baby to the flight; rather you can take them in the first week of their birth s well. 

But that would not be advisable. It is also not allowed to board babies who are younger than 7 days. That is because of the health issues and infections they may get. I would advise you to wait a few weeks then travel by plane. However, if you take care of the babies and know all the facts you can travel with your babies on a flight at any time. You may have to get permission by taking your doctor’s note with you.

Things to Consider While Flying with Newborn

There are a bunch of things you should see before taking your baby on a plane. These things are to make sure that you and your baby have a safe flight. 

Choice of Flights

Choose a flight wisely. Babies don’t have the same sleeping patterns and times as we have. Book flights that fall in the timing of your baby’s sleep. He will be sleeping for most of the flight and won’t be as irritable. Also, the flights shouldn’t be too long. Babies are not used to flying in a plane. If you travel for too long they may become grumpy and cry a lot. Also, choose the Airline that allows you to board first if you have babies with you.On https://guideparental.com/ i have read all about the safety of your child while Traveling, so I recommended you to must take all the precautions if you are planning to go to trip with your kids.

Your Baby’s Ears

The pressure inside the cabin of the plane changes during the flight as we all know. But this changing pressure can lead to intense pain in the infant’s ears. So, consider this and take some pacifiers along with you. A trick to reduce it is to make the baby suck breast bottles or pacifiers during the ascents and descents of the flight.

Breathing Patterns of the Newborn

If your child is born prematurely or has a heart, respiratory or lung problem, you must consult your doctor first. The pressure inside the aircraft is considerably less than the pressure on the land. This change apparently doesn’t affect healthy babies. But some conditions need consultation in this matter.

Baby Safety Seats

Babies can board and take a flight in any of their parent’s or care giver’s lap but the Federal Aviation Administration has recommended taking a safety seat or a car seat with you. This ensures the proper safety of the child. Take your child’s infant car seat or convertible car seat with you and tell them to install it on the seat of the plane.

Cranky Behavior

Don’t get worried if your baby becomes a little cranky. The fussiness in the behavior would be because of the unusual environment of the flight and exposure to a lot of people. Just try to pacify your child. He will be alright as soon as you land to your destination.

These were all the things that were necessary to consider. Make your baby take a nap after you’re done with your flight. He’ll be all cheered up and ready to explore with you.


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