Home security tips: How to secure your entry doors?

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Homeowners would think that intruders would try to break-in through a window or back door, but it’s the entrance of your home that’s one of the easiest ways to get in and out. It’s a common entry point for not only your guests but it’s a welcome mat for intruders too. Thus, making the front door of your home impenetrable becomes a crucial aspect of your home security.  

According to a report, 34% of robbers break into homes through the front door. 

Even the entrance of your homelooks secures at first glance but may be vulnerable in reality. In order to fortify the first line of defence of your home security, there are some key steps you can consider taking. Here are some of them explained by a leading provider of crime-safe security doors in Melbourne

5 Effective ways to significantly secure the front door of your home

  1. Opt for a solid-core entrance door 

Not all entry doors are sturdy and robust enough to protect your home against home invasions. Even if they are made of metal, they may be pretty easy to break through, especially when they’re hollow inside. So, here’s something suggested by the experts at Bayside Security Doors.

Make sure that your entry door is completely solid to the core so that a potential robber couldn’t access it. A well-secured entrance features a solid core made of metal, fibreglass or solid wood. Such doors can ably withstand thrust when kicked in by a criminal. 

  1. Reinforce your door hinges and frame

Your door frame and hinges play a vital role in securing your front door. If they are weak, a potential robber can easily kick and break in the door. To reinforce the hinges, make sure the screws are high-quality steel and at least 2.5 inches long. It will cost almost nothing and can add great benefits to your front door security. 

Also, reinforcing the door frame is another thing where you can go with one of the ready-to-use kits. You can opt for many door frame kits, but we recommend you to choose a model from a reputable company. 

  1. Protect the glass with security grille or film 

While most robbers try breaking into a house without making much noise, sometimes they don’t mind breaking the door or its glass. That’s why if you have an entry door with glass, you need to make sure it’s protected. You can protect it with a physical barrier in the form of security film or grille. In most cases, a sturdy steel grille is one of the best options to provide the glass with a higher level of protection. On the other hand, laminated or tempered glass is also a good solution but not as durable and affordable as grille. 

  1. Install a good-quality deadbolt lock 

If your entry door doesn’t have a deadbolt, go and get one. Consider installing an exit-only deadbolt which doesn’t have an exterior keyhole and can only be locked and unlocked from the inside of the home. Also, make sure it’s reinforced with a metal strike plate and doesn’t feature any exposed exterior screws, making it almost impossible to take it off from the door. 

  1. Improve the visibility with a peephole 

Installing wide-angled peepholes is a common yet effective home security technique that helps you gain better visibility beyond your front door. Also, this will make sure that you only open the entry door for people you know. Just like deadbolts, peepholes are easy to install and come with exceptional advantages. 

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are many ways to make your entry door more protected against home invasions. By implementing these simple yet effective tips, you can elevate the level of your home security and can keep potential intruders out. In addition to the aforementioned points, we suggest you opt for a keyless door lock, a door barricade, a horizontal security bar, security cameras, outdoor lights and security screen door in Melbourne. However, keep in mind that if you really want to secure your home, you should start by fortifying your entry door.


When you are securing your home, the front door is the common entry point that you should look at first. To help you reinforce your front door, here are some useful tips. 


Quality security doors in Melbourne

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