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Self Centering Steady Rests

In industrial applications, one may need various equipment for the successful running of operations and steady rests are one of them. 

The main pro of steady rests is that they act as a support tool during the processes such as grinding, milling, boring, etc. In some situations, when the diameter of the workpiece is big and the chuck of the CNC or lathe machine is not able to fully stabilize the workpiece, a self centering steady rest is used. 

Here in this blog post, New Karwal Engineering Works explains the benefits of self centering steady rests. 

Secure the Job 

Steady rests aid in industrial applications by providing stable support on which workers can do work. Steady rests allow workers to stabilize loads and work more safely.

A steady rest is an apparatus designed to support objects without moving. It consists of a base, which is stationary, and a vertical post that is linked to the base and extends outward. 

The steady rest allows the object to be supported but prevents it from moving or deflecting. This is especially useful when working with delicate objects that could be easily damaged.

Steady Rests Are Helpful in Improving Quality of Final Product

As mentioned earlier, self centering steady rests improve the stability of the workpiece. Since the workpiece is not moving, the operation can be performed at higher accuracy as compared to a dynamic piece. So, this enhances the final product at the end of the manufacturing process.

Moreover, in the case of self centering steady rest, the centering process of the workpiece is automatic. It further reduces the chances of errors during the production of the job. 

Self-Centering Steady Rests Increases the Efficiency of Machine

Another remarkable advantage of using steady rests in the manufacturing process is that they are helpful in increasing the overall output of the machine. As the workpiece is nondynamic, the machine operator can perform operations at a faster speed, and hence, less time is wasted. This improves the overall efficiency of the machine as well as the worker. In addition, when the machine manufactures more pieces in less time, the revenue also rises. 

Steady Rests Are Highly Customised 

Steady rests can be customized depending upon the requirements of the installer. For example, in some machines, it is not easier to install steady rests because the parts of the machine interfere with the normal working.

So, in these scenarios, we manufacture customized steady rests depending upon the clients’ requirements and the machine’s dimensions on which the steady rest needs to be installed. 

Basically in customization, we have side-mounted steady rests in which the hydraulic cylinder of the Self centering steady rests is side-mounted. Hence, it does not hinder the working of CNC or lathe machines and also prevents the deflection of slenger. 


Self Centering Steady Rests

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