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Seo professionals

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a technique used to improve the positioning of a website in different search engines.

Characteristics of a good SEO Professional:


The first thing that has to be a good SEO is passionate about what it does. And this is essential, because SEO changes practically every day.  Of course, whenever there is a change, there is a way to cheat it. . And, as you can suppose, a person who is not sufficiently interested in SEO cannot keep up with these little tricks that change with the passing of days. You need to have real passion to be able to devote the necessary time to discover these changes, reading many blogs and forums, other people’s experiments and, of course, doing your own experiments to see to what extent a small change can improve the results in the SERPs.

Analytical mind

The analytical mind is essential to take into account all the factors that are influencing the positioning (or not) of a certain web page. In addition, these factors are, each of them, exaggeratedly complex by themselves. The simple fact of seeing the amount of metrics that must be taken into account in a simple link, gives a good account of how much you have to take into account in all other topics related to SEO.Therefore, a person who does not have enough analytical mentality will not be able to develop a good job, because he will be unable to immerse himself in the data and draw good conclusions about it.

 Ability to perform experiments

The characteristics related to the web analyst that has SEO, is the ability to perform experiments. These experiments, as in the case of the web analyst, must be carried out following the scientific method, to ensure that there are no external factors that are influencing what is being measured. For example, if you want to measure the influence that keyword density has on two different websites, you cannot use different designs, or different titles, or different link profiles, because that can affect many other metrics. In short, to have a good SEO, you must make sure that person has the ability to perform scientific experiments. It is not always possible, because it is a changing and lively environment, but you have to hire the one who comes closest to what the scientific methodology indicates.

Able to perform repetitive tasks

Another important point is that you have to be a person capable of performing repetitive tasks, because many of the tasks that must be performed in SEO have to be carried out hundreds of times. And this point is important, because it is not easy to find someone who, in addition to having the ability to perform repetitive tasks, has a divergent and creative thinking, which is another of the characteristics that an SEO should have. In general, the person who has one thing lacks the other. For example, creative people tend to get bored with repetitive processes. That’s why finding a good SEO is so difficult. There is a higher degree of SEO, which is one that is able to program systems that make these repetitive tasks are automated. Of course, for this, in addition to SEO must have good programming skills. 

Divergent thinking

Divergent thinking is a type of thinking that, from creating several possible options in the mind, finds creative solutions to problems, and discerns the best solution of the second best and the third. With this, what SEO can do is try to find a solution to a given positioning problem and, if it does not work, try the second best option. In this way, you can find the best holes in the Google algorithm. In addition, the simple fact that the opportunities and solutions you find are original is already a great contribution to the solution process according to what positioning problems, so it is a great asset that you should try to attract to your company.

Ability to work as a team

This is an essential feature in virtually any job, today. It is important that all the people who make up a team have the ability to communicate with each other and reach common goals. In the case of SEO, it is especially important, because although you can do many things without having to collaborate with others, there is another huge section that you cannot do without collaborating with other team members.

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seo professionals

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