Six outstanding destinations to visit in Luzon Island

Six outstanding destinations to visit in Luzon Island-featured image

Luzon Island, situated in the northern end of the Philippines is the largest of the three major islands in the Philippines. Bounded by the Philippine Sea on the East, the Sibuyan Sea on the South and the South China Sea on the West, the diverse terrain of Luzon island constitutes mountainous ranges of Cordillera Central and Sierra Madre, Bataan Peninsula of central Luzon, volcanoes, peninsulas, rainforests, mountains such as the Mt. Mayon and the highest peak of Luzon – Mt. Pulag, not to mention the beautiful beaches on the gulfs and bays. They offer multiple tourist attractions which are mostly undiscovered.  The below must-see destinations in Luzon Island are worth including in your outing to the Philippines.  Book the cheap flights to Luzan Island with iEagle

1. Batad Rice Terraces:

If you are looking for a quiet getaway in the lap of nature’s greenery, you must take a trip to the Batad Rice Terraces in Cordilleras of Luzon Island. Crowned as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the landscape of this farmland changes in different seasons – from the lush green endless terrace during the growing season to a golden- yellow during the harvest season and you’ll see pools mirroring the sky during the rainy season. This has always been on the top of must see destinations in Luzon Island. Trek the surrounding hills and valleys for spectacular vistas of the evenly carved rice terraces scattered with quaint wooden cottages of the farmers.  

2. Pagudpud:

A coastal town in the remote Ilocos Norte, Pagupad is popular as “Boracay of the North” and is one of the undiscovered and must-see destinations in Luzan Island. Get yourselves ready for the less-crowded beach experience at Saud Beach and Blue Lagoon beach with white soft sand, clear turquoise waters, swaying coconut and palm trees. The sight of Bangui Windmills will leave you astounded. You cannot take your eyes off the 20 huge wind turbines lining the coast of Bangui, a town in south Pagudpud.

3. Hundred Islands National Park:

The special attraction in the City of Alaminos, Pangasinan is the Hundred Islands National Park. As the name suggests, the national park has 124 islands and islets dotting the Lingayen Gulf.  Believed to have formed about 2 million years ago, the miraculous creation of Nature at this must-see destination in Luzon Island amazes you! Though three islands named Quezon Island, Governor’s Island, and Children’s Island are developed for tourism, the entire group of these hundred mushroom shaped-islands covered in dense growth is the reason behind tourists visiting this place. The rich marine life, limestone rocks, caves and beautiful white sand beaches on a few islands and the refreshing activities like boating, kayaking, beach bumming, camping, diving attract tourists to this archipelago.

4. Vigan:

Vigan is a well-protected 16th century Spanish colony, now the capital city of Ilocos Sur. A ride on a horse-drawn carriage through the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Calle Crisologo, viewing the colonial-era buildings, elegant mansions, plazas and churches will take you back in time.  Being one of the oldest cities; it has many historical, cultural landmarks and heritage museums like Syquia Mansion, Crisologo museum and Father Burgos Museum. The antiques and local crafts available at Lucy’s Antique Shop in Calle Crisologo are traveller’s favorite souvenirs.  A tour around this must-see destination in Luzan Island will make you realize why it has been recognized as the World Heritage City by UNESCO.

5. Chocolate Hills of Bohol:

The name itself intrigues many of you, doesn’t it? Well, this strange yet stunning formation has also intrigued and confounded geologists. The myths behind the origin of these hills are as interesting as the place. This must-see destination in Luzon Island is a group of 1,260 hills of different sizes covering an area of 50 square kilometers. These limestone conical hills covered with bright green grass during the rainy season turn brown during the dry season in the Philippines (in late November) and resemble a stock of chocolate lumps. The best spots for a 360-degree view are the viewing deck of the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, and at the Sagbayan Peak.

6. Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, Tagaytay:

An island within a lake within an island within a lake is surely a must-see destination in Luzon Island. Confused? Taal Caldera formed by the ancient massive eruption has the large Taal Lake. Dramatically rising up from the center of this Taal Lake is Taal Volcano, harboring a water crater on which lies a small island. Situated along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 34 noted eruptions. Take a trekking tour to the top of the caldera to catch the panoramic views of this natural wonder.


must-see destinations in Luzon Island

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