How to Sleep Better in a Semi Truck Sleeper

Semi Truck Sleeper

It can be quite challenging to get the right amount of sleep when you are on the road. This is because your average day isn’t quite like the average days of those hustling a nine to five job. Rather, your breaks and rest time depends on when your logbook will allow you to. Nevertheless, the tips below may be able to help you sleep better in a semi-truck sleeper.

Get comfortable

To sleep better in a semi-truck sleeper, make sure to do whatever it takes to help you get comfortable. In this case, it will help to improve your sleeper cab to help you fall asleep quicker and easier as soon as you lie down. For instance, try replacing or upgrading the mattress of your semi truck sleeper, which can help prevent soreness and aches the moment you wake up. Otherwise, you can also consider investing in a new mattress pad that you can place on top of your sleeper rather than getting a new mattress. These toppers can provide more cushion or reduce pressure points.

Aside from the mattress, you can also get pillows that support your posture and keep your truck in a comfortable temperature that is perfect for you, neither too hot nor too cold. However, it is often the case that a cooler temperature aids truckers in sleeping faster. In case it is warm outside, you can leverage a small fan for additional airflow. On the other hand, an extra bedding or a small heater can prove to be beneficial when it gets colder outside.

Try to block off noise

It can really be difficult to get a good night’s sleep when it is noisy. To help you manage with outdoor noise, you can use earplugs, which can help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep. You can also invest in a white noise machine to reduce sounds inside your vehicle. There is also the option for you to park away from other trucks or consider parking places with minimal outside traffic. This will reduce any loud distractions that will make it hard for you to rest.

Another great tip to reduce the noise that can interrupt your sleep is setting your phone into a “Do Not Disturb” mode before bedtime. This will ensure that you don’t get to deal with the constant beeping and alerts of your phone while you are sleeping. Also, prepare your sleeper cab ahead of time and if you are a trucker who leaves your rig idle while you sleep, it will help if you adjust your truck’s RPM into something comfortable.

Turn off the lights

Aside from the noise, bright lights can also prevent you from getting a much-needed rest while you are on the road. In this case, it will help if you invest in shades or curtains that can cover the windows in your truck. Even a large sunshade over your windshield will prove to be very helpful. In addition to this, look for anything that can cover the electronic lights inside your rig. Otherwise, there is always the option for you to use a sleep mask. 

Making the interior of your cab as dark as possible will aid you in sleeping faster and better. This is because humans tend to sleep better in the dark.

Establish a routine

More often than not, trucking is unpredictable, which can make it difficult for you to establish a routine that you can follow. However, a routine can help you sleep better because it signals your body to rest when it is already time to do so. In this case, regardless of whether you are on the road or it is your off-duty, make sure that you adhere to a more or less consistent bedtime. 

It will also help if you can keep at least regular work hours, which means that you avoid swapping between getting the day and night shift. The reason behind this is that these schedule changes can disrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle. 

Another good idea is to have regular checkups with your doctor to ensure that you are in your best condition. Bring up any issues that you have, particularly when you have trouble sleeping. You can also engage in an exercise plan that is fit for the lifestyle of tuckers to ensure that you are in your best health each time.

Final Word

It is important that you exert an extra effort to make your sleeper more comfortable to pave the way for a high quality sleep. Alongside this, you have the option of blocking off noise or dimming the lights to make the environment more conducive for sleep. It will also help if you establish a routine that you will be able to adhere to. All these are geared towards ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep as much as possible even when you are on the road.


Semi Truck Sleeper

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