Stained Concrete Floors Are An Artsy Addition

Stained Concrete Floors

Art is style and most of us like to show off our style in the way we dress up and in the cars we use. When it comes to living spaces we like to look more distinguished. This is a competitive spirit that all humans are born with. We want to always do better than the others and this is why we look for unique items to stand apart from others. Everyone wants to see something new and artsy all the while and when you have a piece of art at home many guests will come over to have a look at it. Imagine guests admiring the piece of art right under their feet. For more detailed information about Viny Wrap Cabinets visit our website.

Concrete is a very flexible material and a designer’s dream is to continue with creating novelties. You can have one-of-a-kind floors for a lot less when you hire a concrete contractor that is an expert at acid staining and stamped concrete. They can create fancy floors that will add more pep to your interiors. For the exterior flooring, you can use fancy tiles.

In the past, most people relied on tiles as a durable flooring option. Most tiles were made of ceramic and porcelain and came in plain colors. The multi-color decorative tiles with patterns were very costly and beyond the reach of a common man.  Today, you can get the tiles in as many colors and designs you like within your budget. With advancements in technology, the concrete tiles can be made in any size, patterns, and colors. These artsy tiles can be used in the kitchen, washrooms, walkways, poolside, and the garden.

In the past, you could only find smooth tiles to use in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Now you can get concrete tiles made with borders or raised or dimpled textures to achieve the desired look. Give the tiles a glossy or a dull finish to suit your taste.

Portland cement tiles are used in wet areas such as the shower floor, shower wall, bathroom floor, steam room or sauna. Cement is a porous material and it is sealed using sealer after installation. These have many benefits and the most notable one is flexibility in design. You can get your dream floors made by artisans that are more durable than the ceramic tiles. Freshen up the backsplash by using bold colors,and get concrete floors that match the cabinets and wall colors.

Stained concrete floors bring all elements of the kitchen design together. Spills and messes do not harm the floor surface and the finish makes it long lasting. You can create any personality for the various rooms of the house using the low-cost material. Customized designs will add more value to the house at a lot less.

Glazing and heating the ceramic tiles shortens its life. These slim tiles can crack after a few years and with stained concrete floors, you will not have such a problem. Artisans pay special attention to your design needs and with their help get the flooring made for every room in your house. If you have asthma or kids in the house remove the carpets and get stained concrete floorsfor the living rooms where kids spend time. Carpets collect dust and dust mites begin to live in the fibers. They require weekly cleaning and you can save yourself from the hassle by doing away with the carpet. Get in touch with us!

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Stained Concrete Floors

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