7 Ultimate Must-visit Street Food Places in Mumbai!

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Have you ever heard how they say that to feel a city’s food pulse you must hit its streets? Well, that couldn’t be truer when it comes to street food places in Mumbai! Food is a large part of Mumbai and features among its topmost attractions. If you haven’t experienced the magic of street food in Mumbai then you haven’t experienced Mumbai at all! You will be amazed at the type and number of delectable street food items in Mumbai you can try. From the iconic VadaPav to mouthwatering Bhelpuri, find whatever takes your fancy and gorge away! Let the topmost street food places in Mumbai delight you to no end!

With its diverse culture, you will find the best non-veg street food in Mumbai. However, for hardcore vegans, there are several best places to eat veg in Mumbai as well. Keep reading to know more about the best street food places in Mumbai.

Best Places for Street Food in Mumbai:

Mumbai and street food are synonymous with each other. To understand
what we mean, you will find several street food in Mumbai videos online if you have time enough to look. There are places to try vegetarian thalis in Mumbai as well. Check out our list of the top street food places in Mumbai. Visit a place depending on the type of street food you’d like to try first.

1. Sarvi, Byculla

Sarvi tops our places for Mumbai street food list and if you love grilled meats, then this is the place for you! Gorging on Kebabs at Sarvi is the best way to experience street food in Mumbai at night. Located on Mohammed Ali Road, the flavors of grilled kebabs will entice you long before you even reach Sarvi. The food outlet is over eight decades old and sans a proper signboard with its name. However, the long skewers hung outside the eatery are more than enough to give it away.

2. Sardar, Tardeo

There are scores of street food places in Mumbai that serve PavBhaji. However, Sardar is a top spot for the best veg street food in Mumbai. Pav
is among the easiest Mumbai street food recipes you will find online
but you simply cannot make it like it is in Mumbai. A popular street food item in Mumbai, PavBhaji is best tried at Sardar even if you’re making a work trip on last minute flights. Go on weekdays to avoid crowds and even then, be prepared to wait for your order to come up. They also serve delicious juices by the side.

3. Badshah, Crawford Street

Falooda is among the most popular street food items in Mumbai you should try. This famous Persian dessert has been given a twist in Mumbai and is made with all sorts of delicacies such as vermicelli, sabja seeds, almonds, rose syrup, and other things in a creamy shake. Badshah is among the top street food places in Mumbai to try this mouthwatering dessert. Pay one visit to this remarkable place that has been serving delicious falooda for over a century now and you sweet-tooth will thank you!

4. Ashok VadaPav, Dadar

The signature dish of Mumbai, VadaPav can be had at several street food places in Mumbai. However, if you’re looking at some of the best places, Ashok VadaPav is high on the list. The tasty combination of fluffy pav with a spice-infused potato filling is one dish you simply cannot miss having in Mumbai! This iconic snack that most Mumbaikars enjoy on-the-go is a must-try item when visiting the city on business class flights. Need we mention the delicious fried green chilies on the side?

5. Chowpatty Beach

Most of the beaches are awesome street food places in Mumbai. However, if you wish to try lip-smacking Bhelpuri, then Chowpatty Beach is your best option. There is not one but many food stalls here that serve mouthwatering Bhelpuri. This specific type of Chaat item is made with puffed rice, chopped onions, tamarind sauce, delicious spices, and a whole lot of other stuff! You can take a stroll along the beach with our loved ones while enjoying a delicious plate of Bhelpuri.

6. H Parmesha, Fort

This is among the best street food places in Mumbai if you happen to love sandwiches. The place is famous for serving the quintessential Mumbai
sandwich and is renowned for its delicious filling of carrots and finely chopped onions. Besides delicious grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich, you will also find offbeat choices here such as the Chocolate sandwich. Also, you will be able to enjoy milkshakes and fruit juices on the side.

7. Guru Kripa, Sion

Guru Kripa in Sion is among the best street food places in Mumbai when it comes to Choleand Samosas. What makes this an iconic place to visit when arriving in the city on cheap flights to Mumbai  is the combination of Samosas and Chole they serve! A great place for casual breakfast, don’t be surprised to find it crowded no matter when you visit. If you do manage to snag a seat, enjoy completely the thrill of gorging on deliciously hot Samosas and Chole.

Visit as many of these awesome street food places in Mumbai as you can. Try as many of these mouthwatering delicacies as you can to truly delve into the food scene in Mumbai. With every mouthful, enjoy the best street food Mumbai has to offer you!


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