Sway in the Perks of Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

If you are a Saudi resident, a tourist or an expatriate and find yourself in Saudi Arabia during your Halal Family Holidays on the Saudi National day, you are really lucky because during this time period the Saudi Govt. organizes loads of celebrations on and around this day. The national holiday on this Saudi National day may lesser known to the world. However, this day is immensely important for Saudi residents. For more detailed information about Vinyl Interior Wrap visit our website.

A Light on Saudi National Day

The Saudi National Day is celebrated on 23th Day of September every year. This day is known as Al-Yaom-ul-Watany. It is commemorated for 23 September 1932 when the Saudi King Abdul Aziz officially announced the fusion or unification of the country under the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

History of the Day

The  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the part of an enormous Arabian Peninsula. Before the arrival of the Holy Prophet ( SAW), it was ruled by various ancestral tribes having their own cultures, traditions and civilizations.

  The arrival of Islam and the revelation of the Holy Quran were the most momentous events in the Arab history. The ancient tribal people there started scattering to spread Islam and the Arabic language out of Arabia.

The History of modern Saudi Arabia marks with the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud whose family ruled over much of Arabia during the 19th century.

The King Abdul Aziz Al Saud is revered for reconquering his family’s traditional roots in Riyadh. He with his forces managed to get control over most of central Arabia. He unified the two main ruling tribal communities of Nejd and Hejaz into one single entity. He proudly assigned this entity his own family name as the House of Saud. This House of Saud later turned into the modern and present Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 After the King Saud, the Arab has been reign over by seven Kings of Saudi Arabia and the date of unification is being celebrated since then with a label of a National holiday

The Saudi National Holidays 2020

If the National Holiday occurs on Saturday, Sunday will be a public holiday as compensation. If it falls on Friday, Thursday will be a holiday. If it falls on the other working days, the compensation for extra holidays would not be given.

A Perky Saudi Time

Prior to this perky break, the only public holidays celebrated in Saudi Arabia were Muslim religious festivals of Eid and Hajj respectively. Now along with these obvious holidays, the Govt has declared the Saudi Youth to spend this day actively with special celebrations

How this Day is Celebrated

On this day, you would see the Jingling Saudi bells everywhere. The celebrations on this day are on full swing. You would see the social media awash with various green and white themed activities. There are the sweet showers of happiness everywhere.

There you would see the Saudi flags towering high over the roadways, on public and private buildings and on auto-mobiles. This immensely special day is celebrated with folk dances, music traditional festivals and other scintillating Saudi Events.

On this memorable day, the huge throngs of Saudis flock towards the public libraries to see the rare photographs of the King Abdul Aziz from the early 1930s. in these pictures you can also see him interacting with the youth and tribal leaders of the newly created Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi little children adorned in Green outfits turn take the Green-colored stationary, clothes balloons and toys.

The Basic Objective of this Holiday

The Saudi Kingdom believes that it is an educational day that provides the masses with an ample opportunity to learn the heritage, culture, tradition and manners of the House of Saud. This very day wholeheartedly reveals the culture of Saudi-ruled Arabia, praises the beauty of the country and the ruling family and promotes the worth of the Saud family. This occasion also gives the visitors to learn about the appreciable contributions of the King Saud for the Kingdom’s uplift. He is the man who is behind the worldly recognized name of the State. In 2009 on this very day, King Abdul Aziz Al Saud opened the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The Most Recognized Saudi Events on National Day

The Saudi Newspaper writes that on this merry day the Saudi cities gear up for the firework shows, musical concerts, festivals, art installations, photo opportunities, kids workshops, live screenings, kiosks and high-end pop-up The renowned Govt owned Saudi institutes invite famous national and international singers.

  • Last Year, the King Fahad Cultural Center Riyadh organized a concert by Emirati singer and the Saudi icon Abadi Al Johar.
  • Moreover, last year on the 89th National Day, Saudi Arabia aimed at scheduling 700,000 fireworks meant to be launched at 800 m across the sky.

In Riyadh, a concert was organized entitled “mettle to the top”. This title was named after the popular Saudi Slogan uttered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: “Saudis’ mettle is like that of the Tuwaiq mountain”

New Year With New ways of Celebrations

It is inevitably obvious that the coming Saudi celebrations for this day would be more fabulous fun-filled and brimmed with the laudable sense of patriotism. The visitors from all over the world would have an immensely exuberant experience of merrymaking with their Saudi brothers. So it is among the golden times to increase the tourist revenues for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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