How to Sync Google Contacts with Thunderbird Address book

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A wide range of people uses multiple IMAP/webmail clients due to various reasons. However, it is not an easy task to keep the record of every account. And at this point, users understand the requirement of a primary email client to easily store all their emails, calendar, and address book. If you are a Thunderbird user to access your Gmail account, then you must face the situation where you need to export your Gmail contacts to the address book of Thunderbird. So here in this blog, we will discuss how to sync Google contacts with Thunderbird.

But before we move ahead let’s discuss the reasons to export Google contacts to Thunderbird and some basics of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Why is Thunderbird Preferred by the Users?

Mozilla Thunderbird is preferred by the users as it leverages its users with several benefits over other Email Clients. Let’s see the benefits in details below:-

  • Unread Folders: Thunderbirds have unread folders that help you to view the specific unread emails. You are not required to view all the emails.
  • Open Source Add-ons: It has a wide community of developers for add-ons. And even users can always develop their Add-ons.
  • Junk Mail Filtering: With this feature, the Thunderbird can recognize spam messages.
  • Sort By: The users are enabled to sort the messages by date, order received, priority, status, sender, read, tags, attachments, junk status, ascending, descending, etc. This helps users to find specific messages easily.

Now we understand the benefits of using Thunderbird Lets begin with the methods to export Gmail contacts to the Thunderbird.

Methods to Export Gmail Contact to Thunderbird:

Here we will discuss the easy and simple way to export Gmail contacts to the Thunderbird:- 

Method 1 –Manual Method to Export Gmail Contacts to the Thunderbird: 

In order to export Gmail contacts to Thunderbird, all you need to first save it to a .csv file. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Access Gmail and tap on the Google apps icon and hit on Contacts.
  • Now, the contacts will be displayed in the new window. Check all the contacts required to export.
  • On the next, Press on More actions icon and tap Export.
  • Here choose the option Export as Outlook CSV. Then .csv file will be downloaded automatically to your downloads folder.
  • Now, view the Thunderbird and Press on the Menu tab > Tools > Import.
  • Choose the Address Books option and hit on Next in the displayed window.
  • From the displayed list select Text File option and click on Next.
  • Choose the proper options for each contact and Press Next. Once completed Hit on OK.
  • To make sure whether the contacts are imported successfully, View Address book tab.

Method 2 – Sync Thunderbird Contacts with Gmail with the Handy Extension:

You can also sync Thunderbird contacts with Gmail using a handy extension. This add-on is present on the Add-ons manager and is called gContactSync. Follow these steps to install this Add-on on your system:-

  • Go to Thunderbird Menu bar and search for Add-ons > press on Add-ons.
  • This will view the Add-on Manager tab. Now find, Browse all add-ons tab on the right pane. Then Search for contact sync and add it to Thunderbird. 
  • Now Launch the Add-on.
  • Then after that you will need to restart Thunderbird. And hit on Next.
  • Provide your Gmail password hit on Next.
  • Press on allow to continue.
  • Hit on Finish.
  • On the next, you will receive a notification message, here tap on OK.
  • Finally, Gmail contacts are successfully imported. To make sure, go to the address book of Thunderbird.

The above-discussed method is a native or manual method to sync Google contacts with Thunderbird. If you are still not able to export the contacts to address books then do not panic we have another method that will perform the task easily.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods:

The manual method is good to go but you may face its consequences. Here are its  drawbacks:

  • Lengthy, exhausting process and takes a lot of time to get completed.
  • Users have to perform the process independently to sync calendar, contacts, and emails.
  • Users must have technical knowledge.
  • In some cases, you may face data loss.

So it is always suggested to use a third-party tool to export Gmail contacts to Thunderbird safely and reliably.

Automated Method to Export Gmail Contacts to Address Book of Thunderbird:

Automate methods are the most preferred and recommended method by the professionals to sync Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. This method involves the use of a third-party tool for a smooth and safe solution. One such tool is the Gmail Backup tool. This software gives you the prominent solution to backup Gmail mailbox with all its components. It allows its users to export Gmail Emails along with contacts and other components to Thunderbird, Yahoo, Outlook,  and also to the other Gmail account. 


Here, we discussed the most simple and easy three methods to sync Google contacts with Thunderbird. You can use any of the methods to perform your task safely.


Gmail Backup tool

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