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If you are in search of a perfect software to fulfill your designing needs that might be a difficult task. Figuring out the best designing software for t-shirt designing is not easy with such a huge number of softwares available at a single search. 

Here you need advice from experts. 15 best t-shirt maker software and tools have been mentioned below to ease out your task. 

1. Designhill Tshirt Maker

Designhill is one of the most leading tools to create custom t-shirts. Tools for customisation are amazing and simplifies the process. This easy to use t-shirt maker helps you add text, images and colours as per your choice. Moreover, you can add logos or icons if you wish to make your product promotional. 

2. Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic editing software that designs t-shirts as well. This place is great for professional designers. Though it is paid and costs $20.10 monthly but free trails are available. 

You resize shapes, add bold headlines, colours or changes Shapes or Icons with this software. 

Further, it offers practice files to its customers to start designing. 

3. Adobe Photoshop 

This t shirt maker software helps you with photo editing, animation, digital painting and many more practices. It has professional tools for designing to edit or design t-shirts. 

Features on this site include layers, masks or brushes and more. The work done gets saved automatically. Object selection tool makes designing easier and with a customizable grid, you can even position or split an image. 

4. Place It

Place it has a huge collection of templates which helps you to create logos, videos, design t-shirts and mock ups. 

It is extremely easy to create intricate designs in just a couple of clicks. It has a large collection of in-built tools required to design custom t-shirts. Plus, even if you are not a professional in this field, still you can create amazing designs with Place it. 

5. Printful

Printful is famous for its Print on Demand facility. Just choose your design and place order. This site helps your order print and deliver under your brand’s name. 

You can integrate with shopify, wix.com, squarespace and lots of other ecommerce websites. 


This source is totally free and open source to design  custom t shirts easily. GIMP is equipped with tools that have the ability to create Icons, graphic designs and art. High quality image manipulation brings  eye pleasing results. 

This open source has high quality colour management features to ensure top notch design creation.  

7. Corel Draw Graphic Suite

Corel Draw Graphic Suite offers professional tools for graphic designing, layouts and photo editing tools. 

It creates pixel perfect images and also with better pixel workflow. Bitmap effects can be used to redefine your design. Moreover, a great range of templates are available to help you with designing. Free trails are also available on this software. 

8. InkXE

Designing custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, business cards or sign boards has become an extremely easy task with softwares like InkXE being available. With a strong support team and easy to use features, designing is a piece of a cake. 

With designing tools you can add shapes, colours, icons etc. It costs $24.99 per month to design products with InkXE. 

9. Design a Shirt

This online t-shirt maker software prints your designs and gets them shipped to you. You just need to follow 3 quick steps to create a design that fits on your t-shirt. Addition of colours and texts is extremely easy. You can also insert cliparts on your custom t-shirts. 

10. Fatpaint.com

Fatpaint.com is a free website to create eye catching and appreciable designs. This is an advanced graphic editing software with tools and resources to create amazing designs. 

You can check out page layouts, 3D texts and logos on Fatpaint.com. Tools like brushes, photo editor, advanced page layout function are also available for designing.

11. SnapTee

Create t-shirt designs in an extremely easy way with Snap Tee even on a mobile phone. Custom filters, fonts, colours and image addition bring life to your design. Smart design templates help to design in a much better way. 

You can also post designs on social networking sites and share them with other people.

12. GraffixPro Studio

GraffixPro Studio is so easy to deal with for beginners and amazing for professionals well. You can customize your designs with amazing and easy to use inbuilt tools of GraffixPro Studio. 

It is laced with around 40 popular fonts, colours etc for designing purposes.

13. Flash T shirt Design

Basic inbuilt features in Flash T Shirt Design site are easy to apply and handle. Create high quality and eye-catching designs for custom clothing with this software in just a few minutes. 

You can also get free training so that designing online becomes easier. With customisation tools, you can change style, add colour, move or resize designs very easily and with efficacy.  

Free trial is available on this platform to check out amazing features without costing you a dime. 

14. T shirt Factory Deluxe

Tshirt Factory Deluxe provides free services to designers who wish to create designs for custom t shirt. Along with custom t shirts, other products like custom hoodies, tote bags etc can also get printed upon. 

Add your favourite text, icon, images or your brand’s logo on products of your choice. Moreover, it is easy to use even for people who have no experience in designing. Most amazing feature is that you can draw a design, import it to software and get it printed. 

15. Rush Over Tees

Rush over Tees is famous for its fast and easy going service. It is really quick and filled with customisation tools.

You can select from a huge collection of colours, styles, images etc. Over 50000 clipart images are present on this site. 

Moreover, the company reviews the designs created by you and corrects them if they sense any mistake. Facilities like live chat and phone support are also offered to their customers. You are charged $19.86 for 5 pieces. 


custom t shirt

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