Most important things you must know to increase followers on Spotify


Spotify is a premium music streaming service on the internet and it is extremely popular amongst online users. Here you can find hundreds of artists and stream their songs as well as other audio content published by content creators and podcasters. One of the big advantages of broadcasting your work on Spotify is the fact that it has the potential to reach a massive number of listeners across the globe and help you establish a prominent position in the world of digital streaming. You also have the opportunity to earn loads of money while pursuing your passion and creating content that you love and want to put out there for the world. 

If you want to increase your reach and grow your fanbase then one of the primary requirements is to have a high number of followers. Having a large number of followers provides high visibility and exposure to your content which automatically means more streams and Spotify plays. If you want you can choose to buy Spotify followers and there are various service providers like Spotifystorm that give real and organic followers efficiently in a timely manner. 

Effective ways of increasing the followers on Spotify

There are various methods and techniques that are generally known to work well and be effective when it comes to increasing your followers on the music streaming service of Spotify. Let us have a look.

Creating the artist profile: The first step, obviously, involves signing up for your account on the Spotify app or website. Then you must try to get your profile verified. Having the verified tick or badge against your account provides it the necessary credibility and it lends a touch of authenticity to your work. The verified profiles are likely to have higher engagement from the users and people tend to trust the verified accounts when it comes to content consumption. Once you are verified you can check the streaming stats and analytics to find out the performance of your content and areas where you have the potential to improve. 

Sharing your Spotify link on social media apps and accounts: Social media is one of the biggest digital platforms that allow people from all over the globe to connect with each other and share content. If you have a strong social media presence then you must plug your Spotify account and share links to your Spotify content. This will ensure that your content gets a wide audience and more people check out your work which means a higher number of followers. You can either post links on the social media platforms or you can choose to subscribe to paid advertisements on these apps. You can also include the follow button on these social media sites so that it becomes more convenient for people to follow your Spotify accounts. 

Pitching your work to the playlist curators: The promotion of your content and songs might not be the most exciting part of your job however it is an essential necessity that is required to give your content the required exposure. The big magazines and digital platforms are not likely to give you exposure straight away so you must with smaller publications, influencers, and local media houses by getting in touch with and getting on their radar. You can then gradually work your way up from there. 

Fresh content: It is important for you to have an active presence on Spotify by uploading regular content instead of having passive participation. The studies have shown that artists and content creators who upload regular content have higher engagement and generally have more followers in comparison to those who don’t post as often. 



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