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Taj mahal

India is a land of rich cultural traditions, ancient stories, and values that inspire people to adhere to the path of virtue and faith. If you’re someone who loves off-road journeys and want to fill your travel diaries with something amazing and happening to tattoo those memories in your mind then India has endless tourist destinations that will make your vacation filling and complete. But, if you haven’t pulled over to these three major attractions of this country that is Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, then you’ve just missed something amazing and worthwhile to visit. If you have a knack for admiring the strong forts of a bygone era or love to taste some lip-smacking street foods then the doors are big wide open for you.

From flavorsome Delhi street foods to the ancient heritage of Jaipur and Agra, the golden triangle tour is a perfect package that enables you to explore more in less time. The cities are easily approachable in a series. But, if you’re alien to these three cities then we have done a little homework for you to make you worthwhile and amazing! Here are some major attractions of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra.


Delhi is the soul of India and the capital state of the country. Don’t hoodwink yourself with the hustle-bustle of this city. Go beyond the city lights to explore the serenity and also to turn the chronicle of the ancient history of this city.

India Gate 

India Gate is the life and soul of the country that was built in 1921. This marvelous structure was built to honor the lives of 70,000 soldiers that were martyred during the first world war and the Indo-afghan war. The best time to visit this place is in the evening (during the golden hours) when the golden sky during the sunset sprinkles the beauty of this structure even more. The gardens near the structure are a perfect picnic spot to spend some quality time with your friends and family. 

Palika Bazaar

 Palika Bazaar is located on the outer circle of Connaught Place. The place is jam-packed with almost 304 shops that are strongly dominated by electric equipment and fashion clothing. If you’re thinking of going on a summer shopping trip with your friends then the shops are fully-fledged with fancy summer clothes that will surely put you in the limelight. The best thing about this place is that Palika bazaar is secular to quench the needs of everyone and anyone. From the rich big shot of the city to the gully boy of Delhi, you will find people of all genres shopping under one roof!

Chandni Chowk

If you’re a food bee then the streets of Chandni Chowk are the paradise on earth for you. The streets are squeezed up with 1000 different cuisines that will give you an alien taste of juicy flavors your taste buds. You will see the fragments of history like old Havelis, homes, and restaurants that still ferment the fragrance of the 90s. Every food stall has something delicious to serve you. So, if you’re the one who keeps the calories in check then you might backstab your diet chart on your next visit to this place. Also, don’t forget to visit paranthe Wali Gali, which has many different paranthas stuffed with lip-smacking veggies and deeply fried.

Delhi Zoological National Park

Delhi Zoological Park is a doorway to take a sneak into the lives of wild animals. You will see here many endangered species such as tigers, Leopard, bears, elephants, Lion, etc. Also, you will find here many several species of birds. If you’re taking your first ste[ into wild photography then this place will give you a perfect head start and also let you scale your performance level in photography. This place choked up on weekends so it is advised to take a day off from your normal routines to spend some quality time with your family.


Jaipur is a land of warriors and kings, the sky searing forts with marvelous architecture to deceive the invaders and attackers is a true example of their strength that used to fuel them towards victory.

Jaigarh Fort

The Fort of victory, Jai Garh fort holds up the world’s largest cannon, Jaivana which was used to rain death on enemies. Jaigarh fort was used to house large weapons, ammunition, and artillery. The fort is located near Amer and Nahargarh Fort which comes on the midway.

The major attraction of this fort is the artillery museum and the breathtaking view of the lake palace from the top.

Nahargarh Fort 

The Nahargarh fort of the Aravalli ranges was known as the defensive fort that was used to safeguard Amer and Jaipur. Nahargarh Fort is the most frequently visited place that magnet visitors with its marvelous architects and designs. The structure provides scenic viewpoints of sunset and sunrise. Don’t forget to visit the Jaipur wax museum and also the city’s night charms from the fort’s restaurants.

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Ji temple is the utmost pilgrimage site and has a special place in the heart of this city. The deity of Lord Krishna was brought from Vrindavan by Raja Sawai Jai Singh to keep the city safe from the clutches of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Do pay your visit to this spiritual place to attain the blessings of Lord Krishna.


Agra has also held up the fragrance of rich culture and some amazing marvelous structures that you might regret if missed. Mark the places in your itineraries now with some amazing places that are listed below.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal has marked its place on the list of seven wonders of the world. This structure is a symbol of pure love and affection that has now faded with the sands of time. In today’s era, this structure still inspires people and tells the real definition of love and happiness. Taj Mahal was established in the city of Agra. It was founded by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz. Every year many visitors, larger than the population of Agra, visit this place to admire the beauty of this structure. This structure has covered an area of 42 acres and was built with the white marble that was brought from Makrana, Rajasthan. The water channels and fountains welcome every visitor that passes the majestic gates of this palace. 

Agra Fort

Agra fort also is known as the red fort of Agra. This architectural masterpiece was built in 1573 by the emperor Akbar. Agra Fort is also known as one of the finest Mughal forts in India. Some of the finest Mughal structures such as Sheesh Mahal and Diwan e- aam are part of Mughal that will teleport you into the bygone era of the Mughal dynasty. The Amar Singh gate was built to confuse and deceive the attackers with its dogleg architecture designs that will surely make you jump out of your skin for a while!

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