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Increasing traveling trends is a good gesture for the world to be cosmopolitan. It is the best part of the time when people are more interested in exploring other parts of the world than before. Taking travel photos is a very famous activity and I realized it when I did a lot of Photography on My family Holidays in Morocco. I was not alone, travelers other than me were also doing the same and some of them were very professional in taking the memorable images.

It is also a job for many, I didn’t know before my learning experience. People take unique pictures and sell them online. Well, let’s know about the tips we can improve our travel photography experience.

Tips to Capture the Memories Nicely

If you are on a trip to anywhere in the world, you should take the pictures which can have your memories of that very special trip. To take the pictures is not enough, you need to know how you can enhance your photography skills during travel.

Do You Have A Smartphone? Nothing Else Is Needed:

Your smartphone is enough to save your trip memories. You just need a little skill to take the memories and share them effectively with your social circle. You must be having a smartphone or iPhone along with you, so now you are completely equipped to make your memories great.

The great thing about smartphones is that they are lightweight and now can take pictures better than DSLR. So I believe, Smartphones with the better Cameras are the blessing of the day. Grab your camera and start making your memories by knowing where you are, what conditions your mobile camera needs.

Your Camera Needs Proper Light:

You need to understand that your camera needs proper light to give you the required results. Lighting is a proper subject in terms of lense functioning. It is such an interesting thing. For you, please take care of the light on the subject and surroundings to get better images while traveling.

Daytime light is ideal for completely inspiring results of the camera on your phone. At nights, find the places with ideal or at least average light. You will have better results at night too but it would be indoors mostly.

Tripod, Cam Stick Or The Stabilizer:

It is a perfect apparatus to get the right and stable results. I saw many travelers have a camera stick with them or the stabilizer to take the right and less shaky shots. Tripod can give you an opportunity to take the pictures with the timer, you can be the part of the picture with your friends and family this way.

The selfie stick can provide you a wide-angle to take everyone you want to take in a selfie. You can have an extra lense for your smartphone for a better focus and clear images. It is a new accessory and you as a regular traveler must try that.

Angling Is Important In Your Photography:

You are in a place full of beautiful landscapes and want to make good memories there, if you know how to frame and angle your image, your image would give the perfect composition. For example you should know where your subject stands in your picture, what is the background and where should it fit, and how much the forground is needed. You may have decorations and other things in the foreground to take the perfect essence of the image.

If you are taking pictures from the eye level, it is a standard for perfection in photography. You will follow this angle and will be able to take the perfect images. Rule of third is another thing you should take care of taking the pictures with the perfect framing. In the rule of thirds, you take the images placing your subject at one-third of the total space in your frame.

Don’t Forget To Shift Your Camera To Manual:

Mobile Phone Camera should be at manual while taking the images or the shots during your trip. If you are using the mobile phone camera on manual, you will not face any issue in focusing your subject. So keep your camera on manual and set your focus your own and then take the travel images, you will feel the difference.

Buzz! Alert:

Alert! You are having a mobile phone, must be costly. Keep a good eye around so you can avoid snatching. It is common activity everywhere and can happen most often. Better is to take your measures and don’t mistake to face such misadventure.

What To Capture?

You are at your Holiday destination. You need to take many instagrammable and social media-friendly images to effect your social connections. Don’t take lot of selfies, capture the things you are having around you, landscapes, nature, party pictures, Food, etc.


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