Importance of Making Tourist Videos as a Marketing Strategy

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We have to say that this is the age of video. Not only is it a powerful communication tool that combines image and audio, but it is also a very popular resource for its expressive clarity and for how easy it is today to share it on the internet and on social networks. Online video currently represents 74% of internet traffic. That’s why we make tourist videos.

Some experts point out that 85% of Internet users are dedicated to watching online videos, even while watching movies and series on television. Consequently, 52% of marketers worldwide consider this resource to have the best return on advertising investment. 

Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Of course, all the information you want to share with potential clients may sound great when written, but it won’t have the same impact that it might have on video. So we are going to explain the importance of making tourist videos.

Why should you make tourist videos?

It’s a more empathetic way

In addition to the empathy that can be generated through the videos, it is also a way to create content specially designed for the visitors. The best thing is to focus your efforts on showing the magic of tourist sites through promotional travel videos. In this way, you can almost be sure that people will see your content, and also, you will generate empathy.

Through empathy, you will also generate remembrance. The safest thing is that in addition to having in their mind the name of the place you have recommended, they will also know the company that has shown them the information. 

Real colors and places can be shown 

One of our dreams every time we travel is to arrive at the place and see the blue sky, the clean sand, or the snowy mountain. When we go online to investigate the places, we often find photos that make us doubt or do not know what their origin is, and then we say: “will it really be like this?”

Nobody likes to come on vacation to a tourist site and discover that it is not as they paint it. For this reason, videos are a more faithful format to recreate moments and places. While it is true that travel promotional videos should create an aspiration for people to want to travel, it is not valid to lie or create false illusions in travelers. It is best to portray reality and make the best of each tourist site. 

Emotions can be spread more easily

Have you ever seen a person laughing so hard that it also makes you want to laugh? It also happens when you see someone very sad or crying, people have the facility to empathize and feel what others are feeling. For this reason, yawning can be contagious. 

It is clear that if we see that someone is having a good time, we too will want to feel it, and also an idea will be generated in our mind. That is, to achieve it in that place. 

They generate greater interaction between the public

If you use social networks, you know what I’m talking about. People always share videos. Years ago, the main format was images, then GIFs came and now we are plagued with videos everywhere. For this reason, if you add them to your strategy, you will have more visibility and also more likely that people will interact with your content.  

But it is not only what is shared on social networks. We also know that instant messaging applications are used to send this type of content. Therefore, they will circulate in an unimaginable way reaching more people and more places. Travel is something we all want, so why not start with the travels of our imaginations? Creating content is sharing wishes.  

You can become an influencer within the industry

And in the tourism industry, it can be much simpler than in other sectors. All you need is a camera and the information you want to share.

If your channel is achieving greater success, the most certain thing is that you will be recognized as part of the industry in a few months. When people visit the places you have recommended, you can gain more possibilities that they will also remember you and go to your channel. 

It is an ideal format to share experiences

Finally, video marketing for tourism is a much easier way to create descriptions. Although places and experiences can be described through other content types, there is nothing better than moving images to talk about travel. 

That is why before looking for the words to describe an experience or an emotion, it is best to look at video as the first option. As we have commented in previous points, it is easier to create empathy. Experiences are the best way to sell and more if we talk about what you can experience on a trip, so start defining your goals and becoming an influencer in the sector.

It helps increase sales and ranking

Through the video, you can leave more things to the imagination. In addition, those who see your content will also be able to judge by their criteria. This will help you open more possibilities for sales and web positioning. 

Do not think that you need to be a large recognized company within your tourist place, nor is it necessary that you only find yourself in well-known sites within the country or region. On the contrary, you can publicize the place where you are and start generating tourism in your locality through this type of audiovisual content. 

The most important thing is that you begin to create essential actions for your business. In those moments, the best thing will be to have strategies that integrate promotional videos made by industry professionals. 

Remember that the best way to make noise on the web and above all, in an industry with so much competition, is through the videos where you tell us how we are going to have fun and invite us to have a good time in a place that also, you know perfectly. 

Why a video is a fundamental tool

Video is a fundamental tool to develop a tourism marketing plan in any organization. If your marketing strategy includes videos, you can be sure that you will achieve your goals. Video is the best digital marketing practice for tourism businesses for several reasons, but let’s take a look at each one.

It is affordable

This is an affordable marketing tactic for all budget sizes. You can invest in a unique video to promote your tourist destination or generate an audiovisual campaign that registers all the products and services you offer to tourists.

Times have changed, and with advancements in technology and access to cameras and apps, video production is an accessible marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes.

Videos can be viral

Second, video has a great reach, which makes it a very powerful communication tool. Let’s review some numbers.

  • After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.
  • YouTube has more than one billion users, a third of all people who use the internet.
  • Every day, more than 1 billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos.

By adding videos to your tourism marketing strategy, you will be able to reach this massive audience found on the internet, no matter where your tourist destination is.

Videos help SEO

Third, although it seems obvious, the video is shocking. According to a study by market research company Forrester Research, one minute of video has the same value and impact as 1.8 million words. Adding videos to your website will help improve your SEO ranking.

Your site is 50% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results if you have YouTube videos on your site. Additionally, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a video website.

Videos increase conversion

You will be able to sell more and faster if you add videos to your tourism marketing strategy. Customers watch videos for research and research before their purchases. 64% of people buy their flights, rooms, and tourist activities on videos showing the travel experiences that tourists can book. Consequently, 70% of marketers say that video has become the best tool they have today. For tourism, video is a fundamental piece. Some statistics indicate the following:

  • YouTube is the most used site for travel videos. 79% of users are looking for personal travel options.
  • 66% of travelers watch videos online when they are thinking of taking a trip.
  • 65% of travelers watch videos when choosing a destination to visit.
  • 54% of travelers watch videos when choosing accommodation for their next vacation.
  • 63% of travelers watch videos when looking for activities to do at their next destination. 


As we know, a trip is a very personal decision and experience, so the content in a video can give users an idea of what tourist destinations offer in a suggestive and attractive way. Adding videos to your tourism digital marketing strategy may be the best thing to do in your next ad campaign because it provides the excitement necessary to give travelers the final push to make a purchase.


  1. How to make good tourist videos for your travel-related business?

Here are some tips and guides on making tourist videos:

  • Place the videos on visible, high-traffic sites(like your landing page).
  • Keep content updated on a regular frequency.
  • Keep it short and interesting.
  • Learn from others.
  1. What kind of tourist videos can you make?
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Travel Guide Videos
  • Niche Videos
  • Explanation or Marketing Videos
  1. How to promote tourist videos?

Integrating your YouTube channel and social media platforms is an effective way to gain more viewers. It is suggested to do a cross-promotion. You can upload the videos to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website.

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