How to track WhatsApp & FB Messenger Chat Remotely?

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Social media is on the highlights for criminal activities. People are mostly found in deeper trouble due to false rumors or manipulation. The digital world is expanding, but the online crime rate is also rising. Teens who lack wisdom or love from family, they try to hide behind these social media sites. These websites are useful in many ways, but taking advantage of the innocence of teens is also easy through this. WhatsApp and Fb messenger is the main social media applications that may put your kids into a troubling situation online. 

However, there are some best ways to keep track of their activities. This not unethical because as a parent you have to be sure about the safety of your kids. You are not exactly spying on them. You just want to be there in case they need help. Parents are usually busy and stay negligible about the activities of their kids. They hardly get time to interact with their kids on a personal level. So, a monitoring app can be a great help in this regard plus, you can always watch them and guide them about the good. 

Install TheOneSpy app and spy the chats remotely

TheOneSpy is the well-renowned app with fascinating features and they keep adding the advantages to it. Installation and the process of activation is a piece of cake, even for someone with low or less know-how of technology. If you are illiterate in this matter, you have some simple sets of instructions to follow. You can find them on the website or will also receive these steps through the email sent after purchasing a subscription. 

Do you need the permission of a target person?

If you are using it for personal use and benefits. You don’t need any kind of permission from yourself. If you are spying on your kids, they will probably never allow you or even your spouse will deny the approval. So, you will have to keep it anonymous. The pop-up shows during activation, you should follow the instruction to hide the app. Next, you can sign-in to the web portal through given credentials and access the complete data on any device. 

The only difficult part is to get physical access to the target device. Children’s or employee’s PC are easy to approach, but the phone of a spouse may take more effort to get in your hands. 

Advantages of tracking FB or WhatsApp Messages

If it is about the safety of your children, you already know that cyberbullying is increasing. When it comes to employees, the chances of leaking confidential information or spreading false rumors about the company always starts from any social media insensitive jokes. The rising suspicious about the spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you can be the one reason too. We know you can find multiple reasons for watching over someone’s personal chats. Want to know about some more advantages of tracking? The following are the benefits you need to know. 

  1. You will be able to track these messages even if the device is far away from your reach.
  2. Read full conversations including shared media files.
  3. You will receive reports with the timestamp of the messages and contact details.
  4. Key loggers can help you track for the words that may confirm your suspicions about the partner, employee or kid.
  5. You can track the usage of the app too. For example, how much time a target person is spending on a single application and with whom. 

Final Thoughts

TheOneSpy is offering you with all kinds of features, and one of them is to track social media activities. So, you can easily install the app and start tracking WhatsApp messages or FB chats of a person. Choose a suitable plan for Android, Mac or Windows. You can then track all the chats remotely. This is the best way to watch over and protect the important things or the people who you love more than anything in life. Circumstances do have the power to upside down your life in a minute, don’t let social media be the one reason for it.

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