Types of Link Spams That You Must Avoid in Your SEO Strategy

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The out of context links that are posted on the websites, discussion forums and guestbooks that are not providing value to the viewers is known as link spams. Most of the marketers create these links without knowing that these links will decrease the authority of their websites and these links can also decrease the ranking of their websites. No doubt, link building is an essential component of the SEO of a website but instead of focusing on the quantity, you should focus on the quality. Here, we will discuss types of link spams that you must avoid in your SEO strategy.

Article Marketing Spam:

To get links by submitting the articles on the other websites is known as the most popular form of the link building strategy. It works only if you are sharing original content on the top-quality websites. On the other hand, if you are sharing low-quality content on the spam websites, Google will consider these links as spam links. Therefore, instead of getting benefits, Google will penalize your website. Moreover, while submitting an article on any website, you should also try to get a link in the content rather than in the profile.

Single Post Blogs:

Some people also try to get enough links from single post blogs. For this reason, they create ‘Web 2.0 blogs’ on different platforms and just by sharing one or two posts, they try to get lots of links for their websites. Some people also try to get links for their websites by commenting on the post of these single post blogs. These kinds of links will not add value to your website. By following this kind of link building strategy, you are just increasing the number of links. If you have created too many links on the single post blogs, Google will also consider these links as spam links.

Side-Wide or Paid Links:

Some people try to buy links from other websites. These websites provide links to them in the footer. If you have paid lots of site-wide links for your website, Google will also consider these links as spam links and Google will penalize your website. For this reason, some people create free bloggers and WordPress themes and they add links to their websites at the footer of these bloggers and WordPress themes. Google Penguin considers all the links as spam links and it is penalizing the websites based on these links. That’s why lots of websites are requesting to remove the links from the footer. Moreover, these links also show that you are getting links by overusing the anchor text which is also another form of link spams.

Paid Links In The Content:

No doubt, Google doesn’t have foolproof ways to detect all the paid links. Anyhow, if you are buying lots of links from other websites, Google can catch all the links. Its reason is that if you are buying links from a website, this website will provide a link to your website in its content. Now, the problem is that if the content of this website is not relevant to your website, Google considers that this website is misleading the viewers. According to a dissertation help company, if a website is getting lots of these kinds of links, Google can easily catch your paid links and it will penalize your website due to spam links. Anyhow, if you are buying links from the high DA and PA websites, you should make sure that these websites are giving links to your website in the relevant posts.

Link Exchanges and Wheels:

I have seen lots of people who are sharing DA and PA of their websites on the Facebook groups and other social media sites and provide an offer for the people, if they give them do-follow links in their websites, they will also give them the do-follow backlinks. Moreover, some people have three or more websites and they are exchanging the links of these websites with each other. No doubt, by using these kinds of techniques, there is a possibility that you can create the best quality links for your websites but these links are also considered as low-quality links. Its reason is that if Google knows that you are following these kinds of link building strategies, it will also consider these links as spam links and it will also penalize your website.

Low-Quality Press Release Syndication:

In the high-quality syndication and wire services, it is difficult for the spammers to get links for their websites. Its reason is that on these syndication and wire services, there are editorial guidelines and fact-checking. On the other hand, to get links from low-quality syndication and wire services is very easy for the people. Its reason is that these low-quality syndication and wire services are accepting all the things that people are sending on their websites. No doubt, with the help of low-quality syndication and wire services, you can get lots of links but Google will not index these links because, for Google, these links are spam links.


Most of the people also try to get links for their websites from the directories. According to Google, the links from these directories are considered as dead links. That’s why Google devaluates the links from these directories because these links are not important from the user’s point of view. Anyhow, if you are running a business website, you can make use of these directories. For this reason, you should make sure that you are getting links from the best quality web directories. Anyhow, you should not try to get links from the blog feed directories because these directories are giving lots of links to the websites.

Link Farming Networks:

There are lots of websites and tools which are allowing the people to generate hundreds of backlinks just by adding the links of their websites. These link farming networks create backlinks for your website from the low-quality and spam websites. Due to lots of spam backlinks, the spam score of your website will be increased. Due to the high spam score, Google will also penalize your website. Therefore, you should never create backlinks from the auto backlink generating tools and websites. Some other forms of the spam links are links from the spam forums, spam profiles, and spam comments. Therefore, the only way to save your website from the spam backlinks is to create manual and high-quality backlinks. 

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