Never Lose a Document with Unlimited Cloud Storage Service

unlimited cloud storage service

If you have used a computer or a smartphone for long, you may have had to bear the loss of documents, photographs and videos. From hard drive crashes to operating system failures and from phone thefts to irreparable damage to your devices, the reasons are many but such losses are irrecoverable. It must have been one of the most miserable experiences of losing those memorable pictures and videos from your last vacation or a White Paper that you toiled over for days. Can you save yourself from this misery in the future? Of course you can with unlimited cloud storage service

We can safely assume that you have fair idea about Cloud Storage and how it works. For the uninformed it is a means of storing your data on a remote physical location instead of storing them in your local drive. This ensures your data is safe even when your device throws tantrums or you lose it to theft. While cloud storage has been there for more than a decade, still vast majority of people haven’t opted for this solution. The primary reason behind this is cost of subscribing to cloud storage services. Traditionally cloud storage service providers charged hefty fee for these services and the leading names in the industry still do it. But did you know you can enjoy cloud storage service for free? 

Yes, there are several cloud storage service providers who offer great amount of storage space for your ‘important’ and ‘not-so-important’ data and that too free. The best players in the market offer you up to 200 GB of free storage space! You can subscribe to their premium plans and choose anywhere up to 10 terabyte of storage space. That’s enough for few truckloads of documents and photographs. The sign-up process is simple and in a matter of minutes you would be able to move all your important files to the cloud and never ever lose them. 

Unlimited Cloud Storage Service work across platforms and you won’t have to worry if you have different devices running on different operating systems. Windows, Max, iOS, Linux and Android they have you covered. All your data would be seamlessly stored on a cloud server as you create them. These platforms are secure and hence your data would stay safe from virus attacks and attempts at hacking. 

Improve productivity in a multi-device world

Cloud storage isn’t meant only for the safe upkeep of your data but it helps in improving your productivity. Gone are the days when computers and laptops were the only productivity tools we had. We live in a multi-device world where laptops, tablets and smartphones are often used interchangeably. You may prepare a spread sheet on your laptop, make quick edits while sitting in a car using the tablet and finally send that over to a client using your smartphone. With cloud storage you will be able to access all your files and documents seamlessly across devices. It saves time, improves productivity and most importantly offers you unlimited access anywhere and anytime. 

Ensure Security

Owing to the existence of several cloud data storage service providers in decent numbers in today’s time, you can choose the best one as per your space requirement and budget. Earlier, business organizations used to keep copies of essential documents and files in the computer’s internal storage drive and portable hard disk drive. Such ideas were more prone to potential threats and damage. Hence, nowadays, uploading important files to a free file storage system is the trend because it keeps backup data highly secure. Even if a computer stops functioning or there is a loss of data, one can still access the backup file seamlessly.

Save Expenses on Data Retrieval

When you use cloud storage, data is at a reduced risk of system failure since all data is stored and backed-up on an external devise often thousands of miles away from your own location. This means you avoid expensive data retrieval that follows an all-too-common hard-drive malfunctioning. Cloud providers automate the backup process for you. Therefore there is no need to back-up your data on an external devise yourself. You save time and stress as a result.

What are you waiting for? Unlimited cloud storage service will save you from heartbreaks of losing data in the future and also improve your productivity. Choose a service provider today and join the Cloud Revolution! 


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