What To Consider When Upgrading Your Muscle Car

Muscle Car

Do you already own a muscle car but are bored with the models, and want to give it some modifications and upgrades? Most classic, vintage, old, and muscle car owners have this fantasy of riding their nostalgic cars but with modern technology, especially if they’re using their cars on a daily basis.

Great news is that you can do that without purchasing a new model, but with a few changes to your existing car, all you need to know is to decide what specific part you want to modify, replace, or upgrade to be ready to go.

Today we’re going to suggest some minor and major modifications you can consider when upgrading your car!


Buying a muscle car definitely has its risks like the mechanical parts availability and especially engine parts.

Sometimes, muscle cars come with a poor engine, and at some point, these parts will have to be replaced or rebuilt, but sometimes the manufacturer stops producing these parts.

Anyway, It’s usually recommended for cars to change their engines for more horsepower, but this might affect your car’s value.

Muscle cars are more valuable when using their original parts, but if you really want to make some changes to the engine, try to use original and new OEM replacement parts.

However, if you can not find original parts, you can look online for used parts in a good condition.

Air Conditioning

One important upgrade you can consider for your muscle car, especially if you live in a place that has hot or cold weather, it’s a must that every car contains an air conditioning system to have a nice and comfortable ride.

Modern air conditioners use the R134. These systems use a compressor, an evaporator, an expansion valve, and a condenser.

You can find sell kits in performance parts stores online to install modern air conditioning in muscle cars.

Paint Job

Many muscle car owners tend to restore the old paint job when it comes to upgrading their car, and of course, I find it super important because it’s the first thing people notice when your car speeds down the streets.

However, what you ought to know is that this replacement doesn’t happen in a glimpse, an excellent paint job takes planning and patience to achieve, like preparing the car properly, make sure to fix any scratches.

Paint your car with a black primer to make all the imperfections appear, then paint the car several layers with high-quality paint after removing the primer.

Disc Brakes

Cars that are 30 years old and more usually came with drum brakes, two in the back or on all four.

Drum brakes are really good because they can really slow down your car when you need to come to a quick stop.

Cherry on top, most sellers sell disc brake kits that are easy to install, they also provide more safety than drum brakes.


There are many options you can choose from when you want to upgrade your car’s interior, however, I prefer to keep everything simple. Some people prefer leather seats and expensive upholstery, but in my opinion, it affects the authenticity associated with these cars.

However, If you want to change the original design try at least to choose fabric and other materials that match the ones that were used in the era of your car.

That’s why I recommend that you maintain originality, simplicity, and the nostalgic feeling as much as you can because this will always make your car appear more innovative and elegant, but also I will be a great investment when you want to sell your car in the future.

Electronic Ignition System

Cars built before the 1980s had a point ignition system.

This design turns the ignition coil on and off, so over time, these connection points will deteriorate, which can lead to performance and startup issues. Moreover, ignition systems have more moving parts, the more moving parts the more likely something will fail.

An electronic ignition system will give the same starting mechanics as a point contact system due to its fewer moving parts.

The electronic ignition system is more reliable and reduces the likelihood of getting stranded somewhere.

Modern Engine Fan

Depending on your speed, the engine fans will turn on and off.

To prevent the car’s engine from overheating, you can drive into a headwind, however, if you run into a slope at low speed or get stuck in a tailwind, the fan will slow, and you may experience overheating in the engine.

Radiator bay and engine modern auxiliary fans are equipped with sensors that read the temperature of the car’s engine.

If the temperature reaches a minimum, the fan will automatically turn on.

Consider replacing your engine in case your car has an engine-driven fan with an electric fan to avoid overheating and paying thousands of repairs.

Radial Tires

Most muscle cars were equipped with Bias-ply tires which were designed with cords.

This creates a crisscross pattern that runs through the tire which will create a lot of heat that will eventually wear out tires, and limit the vehicles’ ability to handle traction.

Radial tires were designed with going parallel cords rather than intersecting because radial design eliminates many bias-ply tires issues while at the same time providing handling cornering, superior traction, and steering capabilities. 

The bottom line is: 

Muscle cars are beautiful in any condition, they are simple, iconic, and most important, fast, so whatever the model of your muscle car is, it’ll surely turns the heads wherever it speeds, so appreciate this amazing feeling of uniqueness and freedom it gives you and don’t forget that:

Upgrading your muscle car is like giving yourself the gift of your dream car, the great performance with the feeling of nostalgia at the same time.

Just keep in mind that you should do some market research before starting the process, get some advice from an expert, and don’t forget to decide how much you are willing to spend on rebuilding.


Muscle Car

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