Inspirational Examples of the Use of Stone Decor in the Interior

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If you find yourself in the countryside of Tuscany, you will notice many houses that have stone decor, both exterior and interior. And what is interesting about it is that regardless of how old these buildings are, or whether someone lives there and takes care of them, they looked somehow magnificent. The trick is in the stone – there is something special about this material that gives a genuinely extraordinary appearance to a house.

Whether the key is in its versatility, durability, sustainability, or possibility to choose between various types and colors, interior stone walls provide an excellent chance for architects and interior designers to combine nature and space in the house.

The stone allows designers to create a different shape in every room in the house according to its purpose and needs. Today we are going to share with you some of the stone decor ideas. 

stone decor

Advantages of Natural Stone Decor 

  • It brings substantial value to the building. 
  • Personalized every room in the house and makes it unique
  • Raises the nobility or the environment because of its elegance
  • Walls have a natural appearance.
  • It is simple to maintain

Examples of Stone Decor Design

Rock Motive

This is what we have in mind when we are talking about houses in the Italian countryside. They use it as a stone decor exterior, but it also can look magical when used inside. Some say that it can appear cold, but we think it is all the eye of a beholder. It also depends on the furniture and other things in the room, but we believe that rock motive is fantastic for stone decor interiors, especially in contemporary homes.  


This is a powerful stone that requires your maximum attention because it can sort of devour the place if you don’t choose wisely where you want to use it. It is an excellent black stone kitchen decor option, for example. If you make counters or tables with this granite, we guarantee that your kitchen will appear as exceptionally modern and expensive. Plus, the best kitchen appliances will seem more attractive, as well. If you want to emphasize the appeal of your granite stone decor, make sure that the walls are painted in one color. Another way to do it is to have furniture of the same color. 

Stone Walls 

stone wall

If you want the walls in your living room or bedroom to have stone decor keep in mind that you don’t need to preserve the natural color. You can paint the stone and give uniqueness to every room this way. When you are thinking about stone decor for walls, it is good to try to find a color that will align with the furniture and other elements in your room.  

Natural Stone for Bathroom

The thing with tiles is that they will look fantastic wherever you decide to put them. They can go on the walls of a living room or in the kitchen or bathroom and elsewhere. There isn’t a material that fits better in the bathroom then stone. That is because it is natural and ecologically friendly but at the same time gives the impression of modern and luxurious design. You can apply both on the walls and the floors of your bathroom.


When you are thinking about stone decor lighting, you should aim for perfect harmony. The lights should be able to emphasize the specific texture and the beauty of the stone decor. 

There are a variety of light options that you can choose from, and you can start from here to get ideas. 


There are certainly many things you can do to make your house as attractive as possible, but stone decor definitely on top of the list. It is incredible, but if you choose this marvelous natural material for the interior of your home, there is no way to make a mistake. Have you already considered introducing stone decor to your home? 


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