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You might have created a brand that has gathered a lot of recognition in your business field. You would also be thinking that it is enough for the long run. However, staying at the top for years and years requires a brand to acquire customer trust. 

A global survey conducted earlier this year by PwC found that trust strongly influences where consumers decide to shop. For example, 35% of respondents said ‘trust in brand’ was among the top three reasons influencing their decision to shop through a particular retailer. 

Now you will think, okay, I got it! Customer trust is essential to stay in demand for years, but how do you achieve it? The answer is Social Media! The content on social media serves you with opportunities to gain customer trust. In addition, we provide you with ideas that would benefit you in your cause through this blog. So, let’s get this party started.

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Ideas To Build Consumer Trust Through Social Media Content

Here we present you with brilliant ideas to help you attain consumer trust through social media content.

Utilize User-Generated Content

Encourage customers to share their images and videos of your products on social media to increase involvement. Consumers nowadays want to see real people using a product before buying it. UGC allows marketers to publish this information via their social media profiles to gain confidence and social proof. UGC enables real people to participate. Customers will be ecstatic to share their material, and your authenticity ratings will skyrocket.

You can display this social media content on your website and digital screens in a form of live Instagram wall

Statistics suggest that user-generated content is twice as likely to be shared by consumers. This implies your brand will be surfaced twice as much. In addition, according to Facebook research, ads incorporating UGC have a three-fold greater click-through rate than other ads. These statistics suggest why UGC is the ultimate social media strategy!


Transparency is an intimidating area for executives and decision-makers. Yet, it is a barrier that must be conquered if a company wants to accomplish its target through social media.

Transparency is an inherent truth in today’s digital age since people will be discussing topics related to your business online. Companies must accept this and participate in leading the conversation. 

According to eMarketer, 77 percent of buyers are more likely to buy from a firm if the CEO uses social media, and 82 percent have higher faith in the company. This is astounding because it demonstrates how people desire to interact with businesses and executives at the highest levels.

The reality is that some people start out on social media to sell their products and services to their clients. But unfortunately, it’s a terrible way to create brand trust since you need to provide your customers with consistent updates about your company.

Post Consistently On Social Media

Since social media is not just about selling your products and services, you need to revamp your strategy. It will harm your brand’s reputation and badly affect your trustworthiness and credibility.

Suppose you are not active on social media for months or more. You will immediately be classed as inactive and quickly lose any trust you have gained.

You should begin interacting with your clients and post your company’s updates daily to stay in your consumers’ thoughts.

Showcase Your Product’s Quality

Spamming a social audience with “opportunities” to purchase a product or service without delivering any value is one way a brand loses credibility. This value can take various forms, but it should always be intended to teach, spark debate, entertain, and obtain honest feedback. Social media is the ideal venue for a company to communicate its knowledge in a specific area and to do so by creating engaging content that people will share. This is how businesses can stand apart from their endless competitors.

Stream Live Events

Live video streams are an excellent approach to increasing social media engagement and capitalizing on customers’ inquiries, demands, and needs. Live video events boost interaction and bring brands, and their followers face to face. Live video marketing can help humanize your brand, and viewers will be more likely to trust you if they watch you answer inquiries in real-time.

Hosting live, unscripted events demonstrates that your firm has nothing to hide. It can help build trust among consumers who are increasingly wary of polished advertising content. There are no special effects, second takes, or extravagant productions. Instead, this is a breath of fresh air in an online world of highly curated and carefully picked material to help brands feel more honest and authentic.

Wrapping Up

Building consumer trust is not an easy task; however, social media offers opportunities to achieve it. A social media wall is one such opportunity. You can create a social media wall and engage it on your company’s website using Taggbox. Taggbox is a user-generated platform and social media aggregator tool that has become the numero uno choice of people owing to its brilliant features. Create a social wall through Taggbox instantly!

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