Various Water Purification System And Their Features

Water Purification System

With increasing water pollution the demand for best water purification system is increasing day by day. Here we have listed few best water purification process in details.

Activated Carbon Filter technology

These are also known as carbon filters work as pre-filters and are commonly answerable for eradicating larger particles like sediment and sludge from the water. They work by appealing and engrossing these particles, so they are no longer present in the water that comes out through the faucet. Generally, activated carbon filters are associated next to the ultraviolet filter to catch all the dead germs and other lives.

An activated carbon water filter will also make sure that odor and undesired salts are mostly eradicated and advance the tastes much better. This is because they decrease the amount of chlorine and other suspended contaminants that can make your water stinking or stitch right spiteful to drink without treatment. If you are buying an RO water purifier with series purification technology, then activated charcoal filter is in you water purifier.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration procedure

Reverse osmosis filter is top-rated mainly because it has the capacity to remove all sorts of impurities that can be a hazard to your health, as well as to make specific the result is crystal clear and odor-free. It is most commonly selling water purification technology in India because the water purifier is getting saltier day-by-day. There is some different models of electric and non-electric water purifier are available at the various RO service centers.

Alkaline water purifier system

Chemical water filters use a practice known as electrolysis in which water is passed over the electrically charged plates, which are separated into two different streams. One is alkaline RO water, and the other is an acidic water purifier. An alkaline water purifier is considered as one the safest water purifier in India as it improves the taste of water with the mineralize technology by balancing their PH. In the process, water gets magnetized, which improves the taste and ionize hydrogen molecules along with inorganic absorption.

Using an alkaline water purifier, you can get softer water that is low in acidity and much better for your skin and hair as well. It is a much better option as compare to buying bottled water because it saves some and time as well. The alkaline water purifier is like a compact water purifier that takes less energy than other water purifiers.

Ultraviolet water Filter

The ultraviolet water purification method is much useful in case of finding a microbe in the water. These types of water filters are probably one of the most recent technologies on the market in case of bacterial diseases. When ultraviolet energy is applied to treat water, it can finish many microbes that can be harmful to your health and causing agent of deadly waterborne diseases.

It is also available in the non-electric model as well in case of no electricity at your place, and that makes it one of the cheapest and environmentally friendly ways to purify water. If you need a more nature-friendly way of cleaning rain, this filter may well be the best suitable option because it doesn’t need any chemicals or further heat to be more productive. In the UV filtration method, there is low water wastage in the water purification method.

Infrared Filters

Like pre-discussed alkaline filters, infrared water purification technology is also used to soften water, so if you live in a hard water zone, infrared technology will be proved to be the best closable option. Their filtration method is much like chemical filtration, infrared also uses heat and light to undesirably charge the water, and give crystal clear and soft water as compared to other water purifiers.

Those people who want to install a water purifier at their home and get numerous benefits like

  • RO water improves water molecules in the body and activates water molecules
  • Helps in eliminating toxins and purifies blood along with normalizing cholesterol level
  • Reduce acidic molecules from the body and purifies the blood
  • Prevents from thousands of waterborne diseases and can save for a more extended period
  • Prevents mouth diseases like teeth and gums diseases

Here is something that needs to be eliminated from the water before consuming-

  • Bad taste and odor
  • Excess salts and alkalinity
  • Microbes, and other living or dead cells
  • Excess minerals which affect the water quality
  • Normalize the TDS level of the water


It is recommended to drink water, which has a pH level of around 6.5 to 10.0 range, but leading water pollution makes it hard to find the groundwater in the prescribed range. When we use to purify the potable water then it also reduces many of the molecules that is present in the water at excess amount. These excess minerals makes the water salty then it is good for nothing because we cannot do anything with that type of water.

So, try to purchase a water purifier which has all the essential technologies and filters to eliminate all the undesired chemicals, microbes, and organic and inorganic substances. With having large number of water purifier service provider Kent RO Service center offers the best and desirable water purifier which is suitable for all types of water quality.


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