32 Viral, Funny & Trending (Lemon Memes) Indian Memes for 2022


Social media and memes are great for one another.

Both concepts aim to connect people online. Funny memes are a way to express a culturally relevant idea. Social media allows for communication. A meme is an image, video, or thought that represents the feelings and thoughts of a particular audience.

Memes are captioned photos that aim to make people laugh. There are also many viral memes.

Indian memes have become a global social phenomenon and are an important part of viral memes marketing and social interaction. Memes are often related to subcultures or cultures. Memes are often quickly spread via social media, email, and forums boards.

What makes a meme?

Memes are a global phenomenon. The more people share it, the more they will spread it.

Memes can be used to surprise people or teach life lessons. Sometimes a single image or short video can lead to hundreds of hilarious interpretations. The meme may not be popular with everyone, or everyone may like it.

Why marketers are using memes?

Most internet users use social media for around 100 minutes per day. The jokes and references shared online are the basis of most of our conversations. Memes are changing the way customers communicate online, whether through a photo from a social media influencer or a video posted by a brand. Brands need to be able to translate their advertising to this new world.

Because they are tailored for social media, memes elicit more reactions from their audiences. Memes are a great way to improve engagement.

Memes and Brand Benefits

Memes are not only popular with consumers, but they can also be very powerful for businesses. Companies use memes too:

  • You can share information in a fun and memorable way.
  • Your brand can be humanized by displaying your personality.
  • Uniquely showcase complex concepts such as company culture.
  • Increase engagement with your audience

Trending Indian Memes

Here are the viral, funny, and top trending Indian memes. We share the most popular memes templates from crazy netizens who give us a surprising laugh with their humor, crazy imaginations, and hilarious stories.

Let’s look for funny and viral Indian memes templates for 2022.

Memes Sources: Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedin

1. #nimbuPrice

Indian Memes

2. Lemon Memes

nimbu Price

3. #lemonprice

lemon price

4. Abha mujhe cameraman banna hai, Thoda busy rahunga,Lekin mai khush rahunga.

Viral cricket memes

5. Sabko lagta tha k nimbu sirf dudh hi fad sakta hai.

viral nimbu memes

6. Ladka nimbu ka business karta hai.

nimbu ka business

7. Holi Expectations VS reality.

holi memes

8. Bilkul bakwas hai yeh, Aap bandh kar do isey.

Ashneer grower memes

9. Kehndi hundi si, coin waalon ki band bajaade. Crypto ni pasand menu, 30% tax lagaade.

modi memes

10. Kamal ka phool dekh ke flower samjhe kya.

Pushpa memes

11. Shark tank India viral memes.

shark tank India memes

12. Kya kijiyega itani dhanrashi ka?

kbc memes

13. Maine bahot struggle kiya hai.

Ananya Pandey memes

14. Bhai kya kar rah hai tu?

Bhai kya kar rah hai tu?

15. Flower nahi, fire hai main.

flower nahi, fire hai main.

16. Kya karu main mar jau?

Kya karu main mar jau?

17. Mai apko sharminda nahi karna chahta but it is a joke

shark tank India memes

18. When your best friend falls in love for the 3rd time in a week.
Me: Bhai kya kar raha hai tu

shark tank india

19. Mrutyu to meri dasi hai.

Mrutyu to meri dasi hai.

20. Ye sab doglapan hai.

Ye sab doglapan hai.

21. Hum bhi bana lenge.

Hum bhi bana lenge.

22. Ye meri expertise nahi hai, I am out.

Ye meri expertise nahi hai, I am out.

23. When your invite your friends to a jain wedding.
Me: Main Likhke deta hu, koi nahi aayega.

pankaj tripathi memes

24. Yaar aise game me cheating hogi to mai nai khelunga

Paresh Raval memes

25. Ye badhiya tha guru.

Munna bhaiya memes


Indian viral memes

27. Only way my crush will accept my proposal.

funny memes

28. Me on my best friend’s wedding night.

hilarious memes

29. The biggest beauty finders:

trending memes


Pushpa movie memes


top Indian memes


linkedin memes

Above all are viral memes in India for 2022. We hope you had enjoyed and laughed with these hilarious and viral Indian memes templates. Did we miss out on any of the funniest or trending memes? No worries will cover it all in our next memes blog series.


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