How to Get Customers for Printing Business

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Are you struggling to meet the demand for same-day printing service in London? Are you an optimist but yet to expand your business beyond your province or territory? Look, where there are possibilities, there are challenges. Despite having adequate investment and logistic support, many printing businesses fail to sustain themselves in the market. It is because they don’t know how to get customers for the printing business.  

Do you want to let this happen with you? Of course not, and that’s the reason why you are here. And you have landed the right way. We have designed this post so that you can secure leads and profits by overcoming the challenges. 

How to Get Customers for Printing Business

This guide will give you some excellent insights to gain, revive, and rock in the printing arena. You can surpass your competitors in a few months if implemented fruitfully. Here we go!

Focus on Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Every business should have a philosophy of its own. It is a vital element to stand out from others by enticing new customers. Unfortunately, many printing businesses ignore this and suffer. Remember, an outstanding USP is a prerequisite to proper branding. It makes your brand ‘recognizable and gradually favourite’ to prospects, and they turn into your customers. 

Say ‘yes’ to Short-run Orders

Many printing businesses do not pay heed to short-run orders. They always look for big profits. You have to do the opposite. Why? Are we suggesting you face the loss? 

No dear, instead this is the way to secure leads in the long run. They ensure goodwill for your business and help you gain new clients, and trust you for large orders! The more you care about the small printing needs of your customers, the more they will make goodwill for you.  

Think of Offering Unique Paper Types

This is related to quality issues. So it would help if you offered some unique paper types to your customers. Who doesn’t want durable solutions in the printed products! At the same time, customers want to convey their message more attractively. If you can deliver such a paper and please one customer, you will get many. Please consider the particular paper types given below. Let the customers find you more reliable than others.  

  • Synthetic or Waterproof Paper: You can cover various printing orders, from weatherproof signage to durable field manuals.
  • Carbonless Laser Paper: This is useful for printing multi-part business forms, invoices, statements, receipts, and more.

Apart from these, it would help best if you offered personalized packaging, direct mail, corporate gifts, etc.

Keep an Eagle-Eye on Your Rivals 

The updates of your competitors can also help you progress. Unless you know the way of the top competitors, you can’t identify the challenges. Else, no matter where you run the printing business, this is the era of the online revolution. Here you have chances and risks equally. So you have to keep pace with the global standard. 

The successful competitors will show you what to do next or where to improve. It will be wise to unlearn the fallacious things and learn from the competitors. 

Make a Prospect List 

Yes, you need to make a list of prospects. Trade shows or business events are a sheer chance to get new clients. You will have people from different industries such as showbiz personalities, textile experts, fashion designers, musicians, etc. You go, meet, and ensure a communication channel. 

Better combine the possibilities and reach out to people through beautiful email marketing. Such a relationship plus referral will create trust and interest in you! Also, your friends and known persons can be your reference for new businesses on these occasions.  

Emphasise Inbound Marketing 

If you want merely to survive with the risk of getting lost from the printing arena, you are free to rely only on traditional marketing. On the contrary, you may emphasize inbound marketing to get the maximum number of leads and clients. You will have several types of pull marketing to prosper, such as –

  • Content marketing 
  • Blogging 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Activism 

People nowadays embrace these approaches and get convinced quickly. If done efficiently, these will turn your website and social media platforms into sales and marketing tools. It is a fact that approximately 80-85% of consumers go through online research before they purchase or order anything. 

Inbound marketing also helps you evolve through customer feedback. Will you want to leave this tremendous opportunity to get non-stop new customers by raising brand awareness?!  

Go Ahead with Micro-targeting 

As we mentioned above, you need to be skilled in internet-based activity to prosper in the printing business. Micro-targeting is an ideal way of getting customers continuously. It allows you to understand customers’ behaviour and take necessary marketing steps. 

The micro-targeting strategy will provide you with essential customer data such as shopping, browsing, group or individual activity. You can make robust online advertising campaigns with this strategy. 

Utilise Your Offline Weapons 

You must not miss any chance to strengthen the bondage with your customers and any interested person. For this, traditional tools like business cards, leaflets, postcards, brochures will be superbly handy. Let your visitors and customers get valuable information about printing offers and facilities through these. They will become more interested and make others known to your business

Get the Buyers’ Psyche 

Only offering and applying tools won’t suffice. To ensure the fruitful application, you had better understand how the consumers think. There are four stages by which a consumer becomes a consumer. These are as follows: 

  • First of all, they realise the need for a product or service to solve a problem. It is apt time you will place a solution before them. 
  • During the next stage, they will decipher whether the offered solutions are fit. Don’t think they will merely consider you. Instead, they will contrast and come up with believably the most suitable one. 
  • Afterwards, they will decide by comparing all the available printing shops’ websites, blogs, and social media. 
  • Finally, now they are going to purchase a product from their chosen printing house. 

Apply Metallic Surface Printing 

Due to the increasing dominance of digital marketing, the challenges before traditional marketing are high. So the only way to keep the dominion of the latter one is to be superbly innovative. 

Depending on our age-old printing journey in Print Britannia, we would like to recommend using metallic inks and papers to entice potential customers more and more. Moreover, you can make metallic reflective surfaces with the help of proper digital equipment. It is even better instead of using metallic ink traditionally! It will help you achieve customers from the beverage and cosmetic industry. 

Look into Your Operational Cost

Preventing leakage from print sales earnings is highly significant. How would you do that? Well, it would help best if you conducted the root cause analysis regularly. It will show you the problems specifically. 

And you better use an ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool for this. It is an effective means of planning and managing financial and other organizational procedures. To be more exact, it will help you boost the cash flow, ensure transparency in supply chain management, and ultimately beat the competition through gaining new customers.

Review Your Marketing Strategy  

There is always a scope for improvement. Even the most successful businesses have some lackings. If you are striving to get new clients through your present marketing approach, then prioritize the following things – 

  • Emphasising conversion instead of ensuring visitors in the website 
  • Improving service quality to take advantage of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) from the existing customers 
  • Making more attractive flyers, brochures, and leaflets to propagate your business 
  • Offering total solution 
  • Having intimate contact with the e-commerce businesses who can provide you with a huge list of their clients to approach 


What are Pantone colours?

Answer: Pantone colours refer to a colour matching system, and it is called Pantone Matching System (PMS). In this system, printing experts identify a unique name or number for each colour to ensure it emerges in different systems and print runs as the same. 

How long will you need to complete my order?

Answer: It depends on how you want us to deliver. If you are in a hurry, we can even provide a same day printing service without compromising quality! 

What does “camera ready” mean?

Answer: It denotes that a submitted image file for printing is prepared to transfer to the printing plates, and there is no need to alter it. 

To Wrap Up 

Feeling confident? Then it’s time to beat the competition. Believe it, from now on, nothing can stop rocking the printing world. Just apply and get the taste of success! Now you thoroughly know how to get customers for the printing business. 


same day printing service in London

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