5 Things Your Website is Missing and How to Fix them

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Do you know many websites do not have accurate information, and they have a bad design but still running? Do you want to contribute your share to that number? No, right?

So, as an owner of the business, you should learn from other websites’ shortcomings and mistakes and give your customers an enjoyable experience. Your website has to have all the features to attract more customers.

If you are new to the SEO world and don’t know how to use strategies or fix problems, you can always get help from the best Technical SEO audit services. Below are the 5 things that a website may miss. These are:

1. Up-to-Date Information

A website homepage should be up to date. If your website homepage is not updated or the references on the page are from previous years, it will create confusion for the viewer because of the improper navigation structure. Imagine if the contact details are not updated on your website, where will customers contact you? This will create a bad reputation for your business and you definitely don’t want any such thing.

To fix this problem you can do a couple of things:

  • You should do a regular audit of every page and website to make sure that visitors see authenticity on your page.
  • Get help with Technical SEO audit services. These Technical SEO audit services will perform a whole optimization of your page and will audit your website regularly.
  • Give a phone number to the customers where they can contact you directly.
  • Give the opportunity to the visitors to know the creators of your website along with the history of your company. Write an “About Page” for your company.
  • Add in pictures and staff bios on the homepage. This is going to increase the credibility.

2. Content that Provides Value

Good content is important for the website to grow. If your website is filled with poorly written content that cannot satisfy the customers. This will make your website stagnant. To fix the poorly written content, you can: 

  • Think about the things that can help your organization. Technical SEO audit services will provide content and relevant keywords for your website that will help you in staying at the top of the competition.  
  • Get help with blog parts and guides.
  • Provide value-based content.

3. Meaningful Calls to Action

A person has a motive when coming to your website, if that motive is not achieved then they will not visit your website again. Your website should easily direct the visitor to its motive. You will be in a major problem if your website has a cluttered site design because visitors are unable to see the CTA buttons. Your visitors should not be guessing after seeing your website. Thus to solve this problem related you can:

  • Make your website easy to see.
  • Make a self-explanatory website design.
  • Technical SEO audit services will create a systematic design for your webpage along with running a user experience Audit.

4. Social Proof

There is a million option for every product and content. As a website developer, you have to give the visitors the reason to choose only you. One way to assure your customers is to give reviews or ratings about your products and websites.  In this user-friendly environment, it is necessary to make your website or page with a mobile-friendly user interface.

To fix this problem you can:

  • Put more information on your websites.
  • Provide testimonials that will show visitors your website’s reality.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly to allow visitors through mobile.

5. Email Sign-Up

Engagement or engaged following is very powerful in the world of social media. The technical SEO audit services always advise having visitors or customers sign up with the website, this will confirm the visits of the visitors on the website. Thus it is very important to own your followers which means having direct contact with your clients. Without contact, your website will not attract audiences and visitors will not visit often.

To fix this problem you can:

  • To create a regular email newsletter
  • Create a page where visitors can sign up for the newsletters.
  • Encourage people to fill out forms on popular pages.


These were the main 5 strategies that people often forget while running a website. Apart from these 5 strategies, there are other strategies that you often forget which may be fast loading, Clear Navigations, SEO, and so on. You can get help with technical SEO audit services, they are experts in analyzing your website and provide you with all-important strategies that you need to rank higher in the competition.

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