Wedding Dance Lessons Make The Big Day Memorable

Wedding Dance Lessons

Themed wedding arevery fashionable these days. Couples like to get married in a barn or a historic chapel to make their day more special. Banquet halls at the 5-star hotels are costly and the smart couples like to avoid unnecessary expense. People are doing away with the traditional form of setting as it does not suit their budget. Most couples are looking for inexpensive ways to get married. Destination weddings are also in. You can choose a very scenic location to tie the knot. Mother Nature is beautiful and a lush setting adds more charm to the wedding.

If you like the outdoors, the picnic style wedding will be great. You can have the checkered cloth on the grass for seating. If you are getting married in summers a picnic wedding will be fun. The guest will enjoy walking and sitting on the cool grass on a warm summer afternoon. They can even come barefoot is they like.  For barn weddings, thebails of hay for seating are ideal. This will bring the cost of the wedding down. You may ask your guests to come dressed western for the wedding. All can wear the western boots and hats to add to the mood. This will make the videos and images fun to watch after sometime.  The bridal partycan come more relaxed and can wear even flip flops if they like.

Use wild flowers in floral arrangements for a more rustic feel. These will look cool in the bouquets and the centerpieces. Glass jars and watering cans can be used as table centerpieces. Pine cones will add more charm to the wedding décor as well. Earthen colors will look cool for decoration witha little bit of pop of color in electric blue.Brides will look great with cherry cowboy boots worn under the wedding dress.

The food and beverages can be delivered to your wedding spot by the caterers you hire.  They will keep it warm till it is served.  A buffet style dinner is more relaxing for guests at a western themed wedding. For the picnic wedding it is a great idea to serve lunch in picnic baskets. A barbeque is also not a bad idea for an outdoor wedding. You can rent picnic tables for a few hours for the party. A chalkboard sign can inform the guests about the menu and if you have a guest book, it can tell them where to sign it. Guests will love a few tries at corn hole toss or horseshoe. At sundown use the countrystyle lanterns and white lights to add to the theme. Guests will enjoy dancing after dinner. A bonfire with s’more is also a great idea and kids will love it. On your “I do” day, family and friend will have an extraordinary experience.

For the wedding dance you will have to prepare yourself and your party. For a barn or a chapel wedding the country western dance will be ideal.  There are wedding dance lessons that are very affordable for parties. All will learn to move together in harmony. The dance routine will be choreographed by the dance instructor. If you are busy with errands you can ask for private lessons for the entire party.It is good to start the lessons at least 8 weeks ahead of time.


wedding dance lessons

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