Why Roof Insulation is important for you?

Insulation Material

Your roof’s strength is important. Unfortunately, many property owners don’t pay much attention to their roof fitness. If your roof is weak & damaged and doesn’t get repaired, you will face infestations, mold growth, water leaks, and fat energy bills. A healthy roof is cost-effective and protective. A roof repair or replacement is the best economical investment for homeowners. The experts always advise roof insulation because it plays an important role in maintaining the overall effectiveness of your roof system. Over the years, the insulation material has evolved but its purpose has remained the same – keeping heat inside when you need it and outside when you don’t.

Roof insulation is a money saver and environmentally friendly concept. It controls the building temperature and saves energy. It reduces the heating expenses by approximately 13 percent, thus saving your money and committing to greenhouse immersion. Roof insulation made from premium insulation material and installed properly can keep your house cool and crisp during hot months.

Roof Insulation Materials

Following is the list of roof insulation materials used by us:

  • Fiberglass Blankets and Boards
  • Rockwool Insulation
  • Glass Wool Insulation
  • Rockwool slabs and Building Roll
  •  Thermal Isolate
  • Thermocole
  • Nitrile Insulation
  • XLPE
  • XPS
  • Puff

Areas of Application

You can use roof insulation in the following areas:

Under deck insulation.

Insulation applied under the ceiling to forbid extreme temperatures from coming inside your building is known as Under Deck Insulation. It can be applied in the following areas:

●       Under the metal skin roofing

●       Sandwich panel insulation between the metal sheet

●       Under RCC slabs

Over Deck Insulation

Insulation covering the roof and the columns from extreme temperatures such as heat and cold is known as Over Deck Insulation. It can be applied in the following areas:

●       Over Metal Skin Roofing with appropriate Water Proofing treatment

●       Above RCC Roof with appropriate Water Proofing treatment

Advantages of Roof Insulation:

Roof insulation includes Rockwool insulation, glass wool insulation, nitrile insulation, and other insulation materials that provide substantial advantages to homeowners. Following is the list of advantages:

Heat retention: People living in cold places face problems due to lower temperatures during the year, they want their house warm, cozy, and comfortable on chilly days. Many people go for heaters and fireplaces to keep their homes warm but they end up paying big expenses in the long term. Therefore, roof insulation helps you to maintain the warm temperature inside the house and ends up costing less in the long term.

Heat prevention: Just as people living in cold places don’t want the heat to run away from the house during the winter months, people living in warmer places don’t want excessive heat to enter their house during the summer months when the temperature is high. Roof insulation reduces heat from entering the house to keep the home chilly bin.

Extra protection: Roof insulation adds an extra layer of protection to your roof. A top-notch insulating material can protect your roof from natural calamities for decades. Also, roof insulation material can withhold your roof and gives you a safe experience.

Expenditure reduction: The uninsulated roofs get weak and damaged over time and at a crucial point you have to go through an entire roofing overhaul project. But you can prevent such events by insulating your roof. Though it will cost you in the beginning, it is nothing when you compare it with the overall damage that will occur in the coming years and may cause serious financial troubles for you.

Fix leaks: Roof insulations are leakage prevention tools – a properly installed roof insulation can prevent your house from unwanted water. It doesn’t not only help you to cover major leaks but also, small leaks are covered and keep your home damage-free.

Reduces mold growth: Mold grows in warm and moist areas. Roof insulation fills the gaps between walls, ceiling beams, and other layouts. It reduces common mold growth and mold spore spreads. So, if you’re facing mold problems then roof insulation is the best option.

So, if you are looking for Roof insulation material solutions made from Rockwool insulation, glass wool insulation, nitrile insulation, and other best insulation materials then, Sheth Insulations Pvt. Ltd. is here to help you. We have the perfect solution for all your insulation needs.


Insulation Material

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